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It happened a month ago. I started writing this because.... Well, everyone else writes there "scary stories", don't they...? I was driving to get some lunch at whatever junky fast food place I usually go to. I was starving and my stomach started to hurt really bad, so I took a shortcut to I think was a McDonald's. I know I'm white trash. The shortcut led to a ghetto neighborhood and out into the "bad" part of town.

Like I said, I was extremely hungry so I drove pretty fast. While I was driving, I passed a police car and I knew I was going to get immediately pulled over. So to avoid that, I cautiously turned into an old and dumpy road part of the ghetto neighborhood. I looked back and saw the police car drive right past the hard to see road. I felt relief and continued to drive to the exit. When I spotted a box of stuff drop out of a van.

I pulled over to the driveway which probably wasn't a good idea, picked up the box and looked inside finding a Sega Genesis. I grinned of nostalgia, I used to have one as a kid. I was kind of worried about taking it up to the door and I really didn't feel like getting shot.

So I set the box with the Sega into the van. As I was walking away I couldn't get over how nostalgic it was to see one of those. So out of curiosity I walked over, took the box and put it in the passenger seat of my car. I mean no one would know I took it.

I got in the car and didn't realize I was sweating and feeling very queezy so I knew I was extremely hungry.

After I got home, stuffed with cheeseburgers in me. I took the Sega out of the car and brought it inside for further investigation of it. I looked inside the box, the Sega was in acceptable condition, pretty dusty and some stains of a cola of some sort. I proceeded to look into more of the box. I found a controller, all the cords, and one game. I was way more interested in the game because I was happy to see that there was still a game. I looked at the gritty, sticky and dusty cartridge. I blew the dust off. It was totally a bootleg!

It was called Balloonman.. I don't think there was ever a game called Balloonman for the Sega. The cartridge art is just paper with rainbow colors. probably stuck to the game by glue. the title on the top of the cartridge was "Balloonman!" with a funny font. I got all the stuff out of the box and went to my old TV up in my attic. I turned on the lights and went to the TV to plug in the Sega and play the game. I was very curious about that game I wanted to know what it was.

So out of my video game knowledge, I plugged the black cords into the old TV of mine. I was still upset that it was a bootleg and not some popular game like, uhh, Sonic The Hedgehog. But what you see is what you get... exactly.

I pushed the game into the Sega's slot, I then turned it on.... and this is what happened....

Balloonman. The title screen was much like the awfully drawn cartridge art, rainbows. The rainbows were flashing in an almost seizure-giving way. It was so bright I could barely see "play" that was in the same cheesy font as the title. There was no sound either. Just the sound of the old TV buzzing. I pressed a random button on the fat controller.

The screen just flashed rainbows again.

"I'M FED UP WITH THIS!!"I screamed.

Why did I scream? I didn't even feel angry, but I did... I didn't want to play. I reached for the power button when, the screen flashed to a man hanging on to a bunch of balloons in a space looking area with stars. The man was.. weird looking. He had a big head, a huge head. He had a 1950's looking candy-man outfit with the red stripes and the bow tie.

The main objective of the game was to pop all the balloons the strange man was hanging onto. Nothing really scary about that. Well.... He kept screaming in a chiptune type voice, "Don't let me go! Please" and, he also cried. I felt uneasy about this and strangely felt sad for him. So I didn't want to play. I turned it off.

After all this I went to bed. But I didn't sleep, I just lied there. I kept thinking about it, I couldn't get my mind off of it! I wanted to see what other things were in that game but I was too afraid to play it.

I went to my attic again, and turned the Sega on. I told myself to play, I pressed start. I went back to the same level. But this time it had a low pitched circus type of music.

I popped all the balloons.

This game has scarred me. This part is a part I don't want to talk about. But I have to to get it off my chest. I popped all the balloons and he fell. But while he was falling, he screamed in a violent manner. I can clearly remember the awful ear-wrenching sound of his scream! It sounded like a real person, it was in a chiptune sound, but it wasn't program.

You can hear the grainy and echo scream of him!... The screen faded to black and text appeared. in the text it said:

"Berlington Ln. Torture project"..

I live in Berlington Ln.


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