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Scary Window

The window where it all started.

It was just your average day in Port Orange, Florida. You know, the small town that nobody knows or cares about. Four boys: Gabe, John, Joseph, and Aaron, were sleeping over at John’s house today and they said they were going to have a pretty awesome time playing John’s Xbox and watching movies on John’s flat screen because his parents were on vacation. They ordered a pizza at around 5:00 P.M. and were set to stay up all night playing video games.

About an hour and a half past and Gabe and Joseph were beating Aaron and John at video games when John realized, they ordered the pizza an hour and a half ago. They called the pizzeria and asked about it and they said they sent it an hour ago. John hung up. He then told the guys another pizza will be here in an hour and fifteen minutes. They sighed and got back to video games.

Fifteen minutes went by and they decided to watch a scary movie. A little bit into the movie, Gabe said he had to go to the bathroom, so the boys paused the movie for him. It was complete silence without the movie playing. Aaron heard a very soft scratching noise. The friends assumed it was the disc rotating in the DVD player, so they didn’t think much of it.

When Gabe finally got out of the bathroom, they were about to start the movie again when the friends heard an even louder scratching noise. Instinctively, they turned off the DVD player and the scratching noise was still there. They all voted and we decided to go outside to investigate. The adventurous friends grabbed their flashlights and coats and were off to find what the noise was.

They decided to split up, John would go with Gabe and Aaron would go with Joseph. John and Gabe went to the window where the scratching occurred. They scanned the desolate wasteland John called his backyard and saw nothing.

Gabe said, “Maybe it was the wind. Let’s go!”

The two friends (Led by Gabe.), turned the corner when suddenly a sharp black hand with grotesque fingernails grabbed Gabe’s throat.

Struggling to breathe, Gabe screamed, “John, run!”

John started to run around the opposite side of the house. While turning the corner, he looked back only to find his friend’s esophagus being ripped from his throat by the monster.

In fright, John yelled, “Aaron, Joseph, help!” John started running as fast as he could only to run into a mysterious figure.

He had accidentally run into Aaron. Joseph trailed behind Aaron. The 3 boys decided to sit by his pool to talk. John told them what had happened. It was even more silent than before. They could feel the cold breeze on the back of their necks. The boys heard a sound that sounded like a twig being stepped on, so they looked in the sound’s direction.

“Aaahhhhh!” Joseph screamed.

The boys looked back at him to find that the exact same hand that killed Gabe, was now impaled through Joseph’s Chest. Aaron and John ran inside and locked the door. They also decided to shut the blinds on the window. They were closing them as they saw their friend’s body being thrown into the pool making the pool water a disgusting scarlet color.

John said to Aaron, “We need to fight back!”

Aaron replied, “Agreed!”

John got the crowbar from his garage and cracked open his dad’s gun safe and found two pistols. Both boys took a pistol and went outside looking for the thing. Aaron went by the window where the sound came from originally only to find the dead body of Gabe.

He patrolled the area for a while and noticed a black figure in the distance. He shot at it and it fell to the ground. He went to see what it was, but that is when he realized it had been his best friend John patrolling the same area as him.


Aaron walked to the front porch of the house. He started patrolling it. He found what he was looking for. The dark beast was standing still, staring at him. Aaron started running towards the beast shooting it (Even though the bullets went right through him) and the whole neighborhood went black.

Aaron’s body was the first to be found. It was the pizza delivery boy who had found the body of him. The delivery boy called the police and they found the rest of the bodies. Nobody is certain what the beast was though. I was John’s neighbor that fateful night and I saw it all. I would have come over but I thought they were just pretending.

Legend has it that the beast still hunts children around the age of thirteen. This was the first of many mysterious cases like this, all starting with a small scratch, at your window.

- The Unaware Neighbor

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