News reports a small boy missing. Blood samples are found, but no trace of him. The boy's mother says that the door was popped off like a bottle top, then there was a bright flash of light, and that's all she can remember. The boy's brother was in the bathroom at the time, and saw something he describes as a small, gray dog with two antennas on its head. This leaves scientists puzzled, for the samples of blood shows that the boy was apparently tazed, mauled, and dragged away. If this person-thing is seen, please call 991 or Animal Control.

On a summer day like this, you'd expect everything to be sunshine and lollipops right? WRONG! On this particular day, Greg Lucas had a plan. A plan to escape from Washington State Federal Prison. That fateful day, there was a power outage that released all electric locks on the jail cells. Greg was the only one lucky enough to escape. He made it as far as the border.

He stumbled into a junkyard, more dehydrated then a fish under a heat lamp. Then, he was hit with a good omen. An almost completely new car sat right in front of him. Water bottles were glistening in the front seat, almost begging him to drink them. He tried the doors, but they were locked. The only window that wasn't spray-painted black was the windshield. In the dark gloom of the car, two ominously bright lights loomed in the dark. Finally, out of desperation, he threw a rock through the windshield. A beam of electricity shot out, practically shutting him down.

"What are you?" Greg asked the creature.

It replied with an ear-piercing shriek.