Back when I was about 6 years old me and my family moved onto some land that was given to my parents by my grandfather. It was well hidden far into the mountains, and we happened to live close to the oldest church in New Mexico where we had several relatives buried. Right down the road I noticed a historical landmark stating facts about the battle of Glorieta, which happened to be a major battle during the civil war. I didn't think to much about it until I got to be a little older and I understood the effects the civil war had on America. I continued growing up on this land, playing, making tree houses and forts with no paranormal experiences of any kind. Until the age of fourteen.

One night when I was falling asleep in my bed I got one of those feelings like I was being watched. I opened my eyes to see a dark long haired figure that was hunched over and wearing a cloak, and its face seemed to be made of what looked like porcelain. It had dark sunken in eyes with a slight upturned smile. The second I saw it, I couldn't move or breathe. It moved to the foot of my bed in a sort of morphing like movement (like when they dodge bullets in the matrix). Once it was there, its face came out about 8 inches. It then turned a quarter rotation, it had faces on every side of its head. The faces would pop out then rotate to another face and so on. I could see the spirit clearly for about forty-five seconds. It didn't go away until I started praying out loud asking god to take it away, then it started to slowly fade.

I know I wasn't hallucinating. A few weeks later I was watching a show, based on old tales of ghosts and night terrors, and what did I see? An illustration of the exact same thing that I saw in my room that night. I didn't sleep in my room for months after that.

Author's note: Not My Story