My friend and I were walking home from the hot-dog store past the old library that was to be knocked down in a few weeks and so was handing out free books. Most were terrible romance novels and cheesy children's books none of them interested us.

I went to look at one of some books, just to see if there was anything worth reading. My friend moaned at me. "Ah come on john lets not hang around this dump anyway I swear this place had DVDs."

"Have an open mind James." I said, jokingly. My friend gave me a friendly shoved and said."Ha you can talk."

We both laughed and James knocked over a few books, most of them were crappy young adult fiction like twilight but one of them caught Jame's attention.

It was a small book, with title in shiny silver letters that read out, "You are so beautiful" upon a black leather cover. He picked up and started reading it aloud mockingly.

"You are so beautiful, you are so soft and warm my child. I love the way you play your games, can i play too.  Your face is so cute why do you squirm little child why do you scream I just want to touch you.

"I guess that was written by pervy Sam." I joked, my friend laughed at the joke. Pervy Sam is the creepy old janitor at our school. 

The book, had black and white photos of children's parks and playgrounds, some of them had children in them and others were empty, some looked older than others. Nothing was creepy about them nor was there in paranormal or spot the ghost shit in them.

My friend took, it and we went to his house and played Call of duty and talked, and joked as youths of our age do. He then asked his Mum if I could stay over and she said yes. We got some snacks and mountain dew.  After staying up till 12 we want to sleep and, the book was left on the floor opened on a picture from 1908 with a smiling boy with short bloor hair and shorts with long socks.

I drifted of into a sleep but was awaken at 8 am by a video of an octopus that was completely black, oozing ink, it was alone in a small tank, was playing on  Jame's laptop. I approached it but then the sign showing low battery came up because it was had not been plugged in. My friend was still a sleep, so I woke him up. and I told him about the video. "Nah your bull shitting me." he said.  He did not believe me so  he plugged in his charger and opened up his computer and checked his history but no information of octopus videos.

The next day, in maths, James cried profusely, uttering it hurts, it hurts he was sent home and I felt so sorry for him for this continued for weeks and he also was sent for hospital for terrible hemorrhoids. He was so depressed he jumped of the top step and cracked his skull open not being able to cope with all the pain. When I heard about this I cried harder then I had ever cried before. 

I went to his funeral and my life from there has been bleak without him, school is boring and life is cold and dead.  I went to visit his grave, he had a shiny marble grave stone with his name James Roman beloved son and great friend. I left his favorite game at his grave stone grand theft auto 4.

I then left and came back a few days but the grave had been robbed, I got out my phone and rung the police and they told me that James was being inspected in the morgue and that they found traces of semen inside of him.  I  fell to my knees and dropped the phone and cried.

I walked home and told my parents and we all cried for him. I went back to his grave to tell his soul or spirit or what ever that I would avenge him. but when I got there  I saw a long and tall man, who was black, no not black as in African black but black.

He was naked and extremely thin, with veins popping out and his ribs were extremely visible. He had no eyes or nose but had a long black tongue and tentacles coming out his back. he was carrying Jame's naked corpse, the boy's clothes were laid down on the floor.

That was the day I learned about the bastard of all bastards the Sable man and that was the day I decided to end it all. As I am writing this I am loading my Dad's pistol, I then put it to my head and pulled.