This was a normal day, I was watching TV and I decided to take a bath since tomorrow I had to go to college, I turned off the TV and went over to the bathroom. I just took my bath and walked towards the mirror, I slipped and hit the mirror with my face, it broke. A piece of the mirror cut my forehead, I was bleeding, since I lived alone, I had to call 911 to come and get me, I fainted before they could get me.

I woke up at a hospital and the first thing I saw was my parents, I got a blood transfusion from my dad, the doctor said I was millimeters away from cutting the forehead's artery. I was so lucky. I had a gauze wrapped around my head and it would take some days to heal it.

I came back to my apartment. It was dark and cold. The bathroom was such a mess, parts of the mirror all over the place, little ponds of blood, and footsteps made with my own blood, I followed them, they led outside. Anyways, I took about 2 hours to clean all the mess. Also, I won't buy a new mirror in quite a while since the hospital was very expensive.

Later that day, I called my college teacher to explain why I didn't go to college. When I explained what happened, she had no idea what I was talking about, she thought it was a joke. I was so confused when she told me that I wasn't absent that day. I thought that it was a mistake when they were checking who was absent and ignored it.

Me and some friends planned to go to the movie theater on Friday, and on Thursday, I got extremely sick, I barely even made it to school. When school ended that day, I went to my house and slept all day long. I woke up next day and I checked my phone, I saw my friends in the movie theater, but I noticed something that made my skin pale, I was also in the photo.

I called one of my friends right away, I told him that I didn't go to the movie theater, he laughed and just said 2 words before he hung up, "Yeah, sure."

I was going crazy at that moment, I thought the accident did something to my brain. Minutes later I had a package waiting on the door. It was a mirror, my parents sent it. It was very modern and it fits with my bathroom. I needed something to distract myself with, so I placed the mirror on the bathroom. What happened made my heart stop, my skin pale, and my body shiver, it all made sense when I saw the mirror, but I still couldn't believe what I was seeing. I couldn't see myself on the mirror.