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Have you ever heard of The Ralda? You must have, everybody knows about it. A creature of pure darkness, a killing animal. These are the only things we know for sure about The Ralda. Out of the 3,300 victims, none of them have been able to describe it without going completely insane... no one, except for me. I am the only person out of the three thousand who can speak of it. All of them have screamed whenever they tried to remember what happened to them, and they would wave their arms and legs around violently, indicating a seizure. Then they would start screaming things like "HER EYES", or "IT'S COMING FOR ME!".
The ralda 2

The only picture of The Ralda ever found

The horrifying thing is that once they stopped moving, they stopped living too. It was as if something was coming for them at that moment, and so many lives were lost after this event. Only 7 people survived what happened, with 4 of them unable to think correctly, speak, or even move.

The other three were scarred for life, and state that the incident with The Ralda is all a blur to them now. How do I know all this, and why am I the only living person who is speaking of The Ralda? I first need to start from the beginning.

My family and I moved to a new home in California. Me and my sister, who I would always call The Ralda (which was making fun of the fact that her bunny, named Ralda, died a week ago. She cried so long I couldn't take it and I made fun of her), liked the place. It was a big place, and it was quite comfortable. The first few weeks there were fine, until a horrible, horrible day.

My family saw a police officer at the door, stating that my six-year-old sister had been killed by a car in the street. The next two weeks were only of grief and sadness. The funeral was sad too, and I almost cried for the first time in a whole year. One day, at home, I was walking by my sister's room when I tripped and spilled my drink on her carpet, specifically near her bed. As I was cleaning it up, I noticed a note under her bed. It was a suicide note. It read:

"I'm sorry, but I can't stand it anymore. I was beat up by kids every day at school, and I have no friends. My dad is a drunk, and my mom is abusive. But most of all, I can't stand my brother, and what he's put me through. He's made my life hell throughout all these years, bullied me, and humiliated me. Life isn't worth this. Goodbye. -Suicide note from Olivia"

I was now mad at her. What she wrote down was incredibly mean, and it pissed me off. But that night was going to change everything.

At 10:00 pm, I was sitting on my bed, reading. At 11:30 pm, however, all the lights in the house shut off. I was startled, and got up to see what happened. I walked around, and most of the doors were opening on their own. The TVs were on, but only static were shown.

Wind kept passing through, and it was too quiet. I called for my parents, but received no response. But what horrified me was that when I looked into the mirror for a second, I think I saw my sister's face appear instead of mine. She was bloody, and had a terrifying smile. It only happened for an instant, so I assumed it was my mind. I saw one dim light from the bathroom, so I went to check it out. When I went in, I saw my parents.

Hanged from the ceiling. Their faces were partially ripped off, and they looked like they had just been screaming. I ran out, but then I saw a figure in the dark. It was a little girl. I didn't take any chance on getting closer to her, and with all my speed, ran towards the only exit: the window. After jumping out a floor, I landed on the grass of my garden. With a broken leg, I tried to run as fast as I could to my car.

When I looked back, I saw her staring at me from the window, and it was so dark that it looked only like a figure in pajamas, with glowing yellow eyes that showed nothing but blood lust. I made it to my car, put in the keys, locked the doors, and I screamed as my sister came out of nowhere, hit my windshield and screeched. I hit the pedal as hard as I could, and she flew off the car. I didn't stop driving for three hours.

On the news, I would see that people were constantly being killed, with witnesses seeing a little girl in the window. Police haven't gotten her yet, and I don't think they will. Remember that if you see her, you might die.

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