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When we were young, there was a factory that was always abandoned.

Before it was a paint factory, but it was sold and they built a factory there that made butter.

We always thought there were monsters inside, or something that nobody could or would be allowed to see.

One day we challenged each other to go to the factory, so we went there.

We broke the lock and got in.

It was just an old factory filled with old boxes, cabinets and some machines.

We decided to check it out, in the hope we would find something awesome.

There were offices, working places and some storage places.

Down here are some pictures of the factory:



We found some papers of the sale of the factory, and we found out that the milk factory was here for one week and then quickly left the building. It was still for sale! We thought this was a little bit strange, but we kept going.

The storage room was empty except for some boxes with decaying butter and some fermented milk.

We were checking the offices when we heard something screeching. The screech made us shiver. It came out of the last office. There was some sort of weird logo on the door that we never saw before. The office was locked, but we could climb through a window to get in. Then it started to get weird.

All of the offices were empty, but this office was just like a normal office.

It had a desk with all sorts of files in it, there was a computer that still worked and it had a phone that was still connected. We put on the computer and saw it had one program called TPSC.exe.

We started it up to see it was some sort of database filled with files about some creatures. When I was checking the database, my friend said he saw something behind the desk, so we decided to move the desk. It was a tunnel with some stairs leading down. When we moved down the stairs, we found a note stapled on the wall. It said:

"Please wear a safety suit before entering the chambers."

We saw a changing room, so we grabbed some safety suits that were laying there and entered the hall.

The hall was full of iron doors and bulletproof glass. It locked up all different kinds of creatures/monsters. All of the monsters had a number (for example: TPSC 1) and a name. It had its own description and danger level.

We decided to leave as soon as possible. We left and dropped the suits in the changing room. When we wanted to put the desk back, we were thinking.

We could help humanity and keep the creatures inside their chambers, or just leave and hope that the creatures don’t escape.

Well, we are still keeping them down there! We will give you the files of the creatures just in case if something is going wrong down there, just to prepare you.

Be safe,

The TPSC-Team

(Down here you see our order on how dangerous the TPSC-Creatures are)

No Danger - Can be harmful - Harmful - Life threatening - Deadly on contact

List of TPSC ([WIP]):

TPSP 001: The Matter Bug

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