A Polaroid camera similar to the one the man was using.

A man was taking pictures of himself using the self-timer on the Polaroid camera.

After taking a few pictures, he noticed a small, dark shadow in the corner of one picture.

He turned around but there was no one behind him. There was only himself in the room. An odd chill had come over him.

He took another picture thinking nothing of it. Probably just some developing issues. In this picture, he saw a strange man standing behind him. But when he turned around there was no one there, as before.

He then took one final picture. In this picture was the same man with a large knife raised high, ready to be plunged straight into the first man's back. The first man quickly dropped the camera and stomped on it, not wanting to know what would happen if he took one final picture.

The next day, the man's house was searched by police, because they were certain some form of foul play had been initiated. They have found the man's body in bed; his head seemed to have some sort of blunt instrument trauma. They then found a broken, blood-soaked Polaroid camera with a single picture next to it.

It was the strange man with a large grin on his face next to a dead body.