I remember them saying a nuclear bomb was the most powerful weapon known to man.

It all started when an unknown man took over the government.
He came from no where.
He looked like no one.
He smelled like no one.
He talked like no one.
And yet, this unknown man wiped out a continent and a half in one night.
Europe and half of Asia destroyed with the push of a button.
The other half of Asia?
Mutation by radioactive poisoning.

Everything else was crazy.
People killing each other for food.
Riots breaking out everyday.
I am one of the few alive.

An atom on an atom rushed together at high speeds wiped out an entire city in Japan.
45 atoms on 45 atoms wiped out a continent and a half.

I wish the world could start over.
The man is disgusting.
He has caused so many things.
But it can't.
And a life can't be brought back.
Neither can an unknown from an unnamed planet.