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My family and I just moved into a new house about two months ago. I never got to explore the house fully. So one day when everybody was out I went into the basement with my radio and some CD's, I was looking at all the cracks on the walls, ceiling and floors. Then I noticed a painted area that was different from the other walls, it had a paper thin wall cover, so I punched through it. I saw a doll with a long tail with a ball at the end of it, it had a pocket for its back and two different color ears; but the doll itself was pink. It was a cute looking doll to be honest. I looked inside the pocket and I noticed a letter. I decided to read the letter and it said this:

"And I woke in a place where I grew up when I was five years old. It was my room with all my things, my bed with the Power Rangers sheets, and my Ninja Turtles pillow cases on my pillows. But I notice this doll, it was a popple. This popple was very clean and bright. When I went toward the doll the room started to change with this white light. Ths mysterious light was so bright, it blinded me. When the light went away, I was in another familiar place, my room when I was 15 years old. I had a lot of posters of bands and all CD's lay out everywhere, but again the popple was there but this time it was full of mud and looked very old.

Again I went toward the doll and the room started to change again but with dark clouds and rain. When the clouds cleared up I noticed I was in my in college dorm. Lots of trash on the floor and dirty clothes as well. And yet again that doll was there, but this time it was missing an arm and one of its leg, also it was still covered with mud. This time when I went toward the doll, nothing happened. I picked up the doll, it kind of smelled like wet clothes or something.

I noticed a lifeless body in the corner of the room. Nervously, I went towards the body. When I got closer to the body I noticed it was my younger sister with her eyes ripped out, and one of her arms and one of her legs were missing. Then I notice I'm the one holding a knife with blood on it. Then I woke again in the same place where I grew up. This dream is repeating itself so I wrote this letter and I put it in this doll so somebody can help me... please help me."

After reading this letter I was thinking to myself, "how the hell did the doll come out of the dream?" It didn't make sense. So I decided to put something in the doll, so I put a dollar just for fuck sake. Then the letter I was holding started to add more to itself. It read:

"I noticed something different next the lifeless body. I noticed a dollar, what the hell is this?" Ok maybe something was wrong with this doll. So I decided to put a CD in the doll to see what happens next. The letter changed again, and it reads:

"Now I notice a CD next to the doll but I saw it come out of the doll's pocket so I decided to this instead..."

Then a hand came out of the doll, taping the pocket shut. I don't know who was trapped; but I burnt the doll and threw the remains in the creek I lived by. After throwing the doll out in the creek I decided to read the letter again to see if anything had changed. There was nothing on the paper anymore. It was just soaking wet. Later that night I decided to go and retrieve the doll again, but when I saw the doll, it was in perfect shape. But, I know I burnt that damn doll. Then, I decided to look in the pocket again; but to my surprise there was another letter.

I, being a dumbass, decided to read it and it said, "What comes around goes around..."

Then I looked behind me and I noticed I was in the basement again with the doll staring at me. I tried to leave but as soon as I get close to the door, the room changes to my bedroom. But then I tried to leave my room and again as soon I got the door the room changes to the basement again. The whole time I'm trying to leave this nightmare and the doll is there staring at me and smiling...

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