Ordinary day in the city. I was taking an everyday walk with my dog. While she was sniffing around looking for some place to pee, I perused the environment encompassing us. Dirty. Dark. 

I pulled on my dog's leash. "Let's go, Daisy..."

She stayed rigid on the spot and glared at me. I gave up. Eventually, she led us into a tunnel. There wasn't anything special about it; just covered in a bunch of graffiti. You couldn't really see the original color of the bridge, just a blanket of a deformed rainbow swallowing the whole structure up.

My steps echoed in the hollow tube. My dog kept on pulling me forward as if there was something special at the very end. As we proceeded, a dim light appeared and got brighter and brighter with every step. 

I tugged my dog's leash. "C'mon let's go..."

She gave me the evil eye before sniffing around the ground. Finally, I heard the urine hitting the ground. After the last drips had come out, I pulled her as hard as I could.

At that moment, I felt a sharp pain on my shoulder. It was so painful, I screamed in agony. Almost immediately, I fell down on the ground. The pain had spread from my body to my head. It was infecting me rapidly.  Slowly, my eyes were forced shut by an invisible force and I couldn't open my eyes. I had no ease to think of what was happening. I just kept on screaming while thrashing around on the floor.

A few seconds later, my dog's collar tags clinked. I guessed that my dog had been affected too, she was whimpering in a horrible voice. My eyes felt like exploding. Desperately, I felt around my face but there was something squishy covering it up. It kept on inflating... like a balloon. I tried pulling it off, but pain told me not to. 

After a while, the pain had become so great, it broke my tolerance scale. I fainted.

I woke up in the hospital. The doctor told me what had happened. My dog had died from an unknown disease. Unfortunately, I had the same disease and only had a few months to live.

"But before that," sighed the doctor. "I think you should take a look in the mirror."

He reluctantly gave me a tiny mirror. A few seconds staring into the mirror, after the glare had gone out, I nearly fainted. 

The disease messed me up. My eyes were replaced by a black gelatin like substance. It shined in the light as my truthful mirror revealed to me my new mask of terror. 

I'm still living today. I know I've spread the virus. Someday, Nostradamus's predictions will come true.