Back in 2005, I was working for an electronics company. I mainly specialized in testing cameras (you know, checking if they work correctly or not).

One day I was sent this odd camera. It didn't look different at all from the outside, but the circuits were very strange and the specs were almost out of this world. I was thinking of testing the picture quality but I was invited over to a friend's house at the time, so I thought I might as well test it there.

After some talking at my friend's house I told him that I should test the camera, so I took a picture of him. I loaded up the picture and... oh God. The picture quality was out of this world, but that was not what struck me. All over his face there were small creatures crawling. I can only really describe them as little black dots with legs, and his skin was so transparent I could almost see his skeleton.

When I showed the picture to my friend, he almost jumped off of the couch. He suggested I should go home to take a look at it myself. When I got home I took some pictures of my apartment. It surprisingly looked the same but the entire picture had a dark blue tint, which made it look really dark even though the lights were on. But every time I took a picture of my own body the same thing that happened to the picture of my friend appeared.

I attempted to look into the circuits to see what was causing this but I was not able to figure it out. The next morning I attempted to call back to my boss, so I could tell him what was going on. He never answered the phone. Two days later I got a message on my phone telling me my friend had died.

All the doctors knew was that it was some sort of blood poisoning. Later I tried looking for the camera but I was never able to find it. Since then I have tried to contact the company I worked for but to no use.

It is like it never existed.