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Ever heard of the Philadelphia experiment? Probably not—the US government managed to keep it pretty covered up. But rumors leaked and word got around. A handful of people know what happened, and I’m here to tell you.

The Philadelphia experiment was founded by an unknown source. Its goal was to successfully teleport a ship from one place to another. It was initially going to be used as a weapon in war.

Let’s just say it didn’t work out.

The ship was successfully teleported the required distance. But, alas, too good to be true. The soldiers inside the ship had been completely mutated. Their bodies were stuck to the ship, reformed and mangled to become one with it. They had been mutated into a part of the ship, their bodies bloody and ripped, but they were glued to it. The soldiers had no hope in surviving or being detached. The solution?

The ship was blown up, leaving no traces behind.

The US government managed to contain the story pretty well. It never ended up on the news or in the paper. But the story leaked out to a few people, and the tale lives on.

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