I’ve done this job for a very long time. I’m what they call a master of my trade. The experience that I have gained over the centuries perfecting my craft could fill libraries upon libraries of books. The only problem is that this knowledge is something that you would never find written in the text of a book. Oh no… this is the only knowledge that you can obtain by watching and listening. Only by keen observation and studying how people act towards each other, and towards themselves.

Now you may be wondering dear listener, what exactly my trade consists of. Well, let me start off by telling you that I’m a salesman of sorts. I’m not some cheap street corner peddler trying to persuade people to buy my wares. Nor am I a luxurious businessman with a multi-billion dollar company selling the general population the next, “technological breakthrough.” No, I am neither of these. I am unique, a one of a kind merchant that preys on the weak.

You may be quietly asking yourself why I’m so unique compared to others within my trade? Well let me tell you, it’s the experience that the others lack. What the others try to sell you is all fractured and jaded, a true blur, like trying to look at your reflection in the water of rushing rapids. It’s there for a moment, but then taken away, washed down stream with the furious current making its way towards an uncertain fate.

But what I sell you never cracks and is crystal clear. It’s like a beautiful evening sky, but also the darkness that conceals it. What I sell you is magnificent, a TRUE work of art. It’s greater than anything ever created by Da Vinci or Picasso. This masterpiece has something molded within it, for it is an entity more outstanding than any spirit summoned from the gates of Heaven, and more terrifying than a being from the depths of Hell. It has something special within its mold and something so powerful that very few can shield themselves from its finesse.

I thrive off of selling my art to billions across the planet. My creations control the world by turning men into sheep. My work guides the very future of the human race. Many blindly embrace the will within my wares. They believe in it like some ancient deity declaring who they are, and allowing it to cover their true selves. I reside within the weak and I am the reason why a small few have lost faith in humanity.

Now dear listener I’ve set my sights on a new victim. Yes, as you may have guessed that victim is most definitely… you. I’ve been observing you for an extremely long time. Ever since you’ve been a child I’ve been there, silently in the shadows, watching you grow into something that I could never imagine. You see I know more about you than you possibly think. I know what you love, what you hate, what keeps you up at night. From your marvelous dreams to your deepest darkest thoughts that lurk in the corners of your soul. Yes, I know everything about you and maybe even more than you know about yourself.

Don’t be alarmed by this. I’m not some monster that hides under your bed, nor am I a stalker following your every step. I’m something more, something… special. I’m something you could never have guessed. What I am my friend is the part of you that shields the likes of reality and covers who you truly are. I am every lie you have told, every rumor you have spread, every heart you have broken. I am the phantom that lies deep inside your conscience that you try to believe isn’t there. Something I’ve learned over the years in my field of work is that if you wear a mask for too long, you may seem to forget who you were beneath it, and I have been patiently waiting for that day. The day that I can be unchained from these shackles and strike a deal to claim what is rightfully mine. Now, allow me to let you in on a little secret. That day is far closer than you may think and there’s nothing you can do to stop it, because I’m afraid, it’s already begun. Yes, as you know my dearest listener, I am a salesman and within my wares, I have a perfect mask for you.

Written by TysonRichardAlexander