Rumor has it that if you ever visit Maine, somewhere, no matter what city you are in, there is a dusty path that stretches for miles and miles before taking you to the interstate somewhere in Boston. These paths cannot be located by satellite or airplanes, as the trees are so thick that one cannot see them from above. It is also nearly impossible to find the correct path, as many lead to abandoned outcroppings or other sections of different highways. If you do find the right path however, be warned. What I'm about to show you is a transcript of a 911 call triangulated to a dense forest in Stow, ME.

Dispatcher: Chatham 911, what is your emergency?

Caller: Chatham, New Hampshire?

Dispatcher: Yes. Your emergency?

Caller: I'm lost in this large wooded area.

Dispatcher: I suppose, where are you located?

Caller: That's just it, I have no idea. If you are in Chatham, I might be right on the border. I was in Stow before I placed this call. Just off of the [unintelligible] Road.

Dispatcher: You seem to have placed the call from Stow. The dense forest on the border.

Caller: Ah, okay. Well, it seems I have the correct path, but there is some sort of... I have absolutely no idea. Its eyes are yellow. [Faint growls in the distance.]

Dispatcher: Does it seem to be provoked or angry?

Caller: Yes, I think I've wandered into its— [Speech cut off by growling and screaming, followed by dead silence.]


It was later determined that the caller's location was on a narrow path no more than two feet wide that led south toward a nearby pond. Police sent divers to the pond, who discovered a well-preserved Model T at the bottom. Further clues were found in a rusting ammunition container, holding written accounts of what was witnessed in the call. Each were ten years apart and written by men named Charles.