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"The mind is an element of communication. Of control.

Every mind has something unique to it.

You never know what kind of power the mind can handle.

From past experience to new, it is, the element that shapes who you are."

-John (last name unknown)

As I walked down the university hallway, I simply decided that I would be facing the true experience of those who know. That one type of person who actually follow, and see. They know all of your actions, and see you for who you are. There is one man in one of my classes who is one of those types of people. He sees me, looks, and stares. He never gets his eyes off of me, and I have no idea why.

I was a person who studied hard, to get a higher education, but I am always distracted by that one man. His name was John. And every chance he could, he would follow me. Even one time I went to the bathroom, and there he was in the next stall. He obviously knew something I didn't. Which, for some reason, pissed me off. One night, he called me, asking me to come to his dorm. I, of course, noticed his very serious tone.

I went to his dorm, and it was a mess. Video games, a laptop, hidden dirty magazines mixed in with comic books, and a small LCD TV. I asked him why he called me to come over.

He simply said, "Tonight is the outing." I didn't know what he meant, but suddenly, everything went black before me.

I woke up in a dim room, with my clothes torn, and my jeans were ripped on the knees. Beside my leg was a flashlight and a video cassette.

I picked up the flashlight and turned it on, and when I turned it on, I saw something frightful. It was John, he was hanging on a rope. He committed suicide was my first thought. But then I noticed two things. The first was his face. His blood made a larger smile, and his eyes were sliced off with a knife. The second was a post-it note, covered in, not blood, but bits of John's skin. I could read what it said, though. The note said, and I quote:

"You shape who you are, and what you do. I observed every action, and knew the outcome, this. You did this."

Suddenly, I said, "Holy shit." Before me was a dead man who was killed by me.

I looked for the exit as soon as possible, very quickly, and noticed a ladder. I was in John's basement. I opened the hatch, and there I was, in his dorm, which looked exactly the same. I ran out, never looking back, and moved to another university. Maybe there, this shit won't happen again, I thought. But it happened, again and again, with the same notes. Until I came along one fellow whose name was john. He was one of them.

His quote on the post-it note was different, it said, and I quote:

"The mind has an element of communication. Of control.

Every mind has something unique to it.

You never know what kind of power the mind can handle.

From past expierence to new, it shapes who you are."

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