Hello everyone, today I feel we should discuss a species that you really shouldn't think about. In fact, they don't actually exist until you think about them.

But when they do exist, and that's hopefully not a lot, they're quite deadly. Their origin is quite cliche, to be honest, as they were created by a couple of kids in the woods.

One could say that these are the most difficult creatures to get rid of. They'd be right. You see, they don't actually ever go away, at least not entirely, because somebody's always thinking about them, at least one person, but you can make them not exist for you. If you think about them, they exist for you as well, haunting you in your home, waiting for the perfect time to kill you.

I have to say, I do respect their style very much, even though it's not their choice that it's their style. They get people to warn other people about them, making the people they warn think about them. They're like a virus. I like viruses very much. Quick and to the point.

If they do exist in your home, you can easily avoid them, for they're very slow, but if you do avoid them, then you'll just be feeding them your fear and attention. You could potentially run until you find a hiding spot that they can't get into, but I doubt you have an air-tight lead box.

I would tell you what they look like, but that varies from whatever you think them to be. The more details I give you, the more they become that. If I told you they had dark, yellow claws, they'd have them. If I told you they had the eyes of your best friend, they'd have them. If I told them they were dressed in plaid, they would be.

Got it?


The only real way to get rid of them is to not think about them, so if I were you, I'd probably start doing that before that door you've been eying opens.