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I woke up one day just wondering if the old Super Nintendo in my attic was still up and running, or if the dust, bugs, and age on the system would have just torn it apart by now. To my surprise, the light on the front of the system turned on to its normal reddish color.

"Wow," I said to myself under a gasp of breath, for I had not turned the thing on in ages.

Now it was time to test out the cartridges. First, I blew into the cartridge, you know the old good luck charm, and then I tried them all out. None of them worked, which was weird, because there were probably over at least fifty. So while I was messing around with the system itself, I noticed a number on the back. It was the old 1-800 number, I obviously can't give out the real information, but I called it.

First it brought me over to the Wii department, which made me sorta give up hope, but then they said that they could transfer me to the Super Nintendo department.

"They still have that old thing?" I said.

They responded with a yes, so I asked if they could transfer me, even after they already said they could, I guess the anxiety of even talking to someone with the same interests as me was just messing with my mind. So they transferred me, I heard the music and waited about 15 seconds or so. The man on the other end answered so eagerly that he almost scared me himself. I responded myself as casually as I could without hinting him that I had a mini heart attack from his reply.

"How can I help you today good sir?" He replied, almost as if I have been his first customer since ages on end.

"I would like to seek help on how to fix my old Super Nintendo at a good price, Could you help?" I asked. There was no reply for a while, as I could hear him whispering to somebody, almost as if he had his hand over the phone.

Then he said, "Umm, sir, what would your problem consist of?"

"Well, I have been noticing many issues with the system itself, the system isn't reading the games correctly, or something of that nature." I said in a calm voice.

"Well, there is one thing." The man said hesitantly, "But it is way too risky, for we have had lots of complaints over the years." I felt a mad feeling from this response for some reason, just like as if all of my hopes and dreams have been destroyed.

"Could I have the repair?" I asked in a frustrated voice.

"I am so sorry, but we are closing, I hope you got something out of this talk, call again if you need more help." the man said, just as he hung up quickly.

I was sort of knocked back by this whole situation for a second, but soon after I just decided that I would look up a repair on the internet and see if there was such a thing. Turns out there were such sites, problem is there were some viruses on every one but one. Just turns out the site that didn't have a virus was the one with the guarantees that said "100% Guarantee your Super Nintendo works better than before" and etc. The download took forever, and I don't mean the 4 hour forever, I mean the 4 day forever. Then I had to transfer the content to a flash drive, which only took about 5 minutes, which was good. But soon after, I figured out that I had to go buy a Super Nintendo to USB Port adapter.

It probably took about two or three weeks for the darn thing to come in, but hey, I got it. Now that I finally got it, I plugged in the adapter, then the flashdrive. Now I finally had the fix and all the material. I started up the Super Nintendo, and to my surprise it worked like a charm, just the way I remembered. But something in the air was off, I just couldn't put a finger on it.

So first I started up Super Mario Bros. and the game all looked the same, I played through the first Island and was as happy as ever, I literally was so much better than before! Once I realized that I didn't even lose one life through the whole process I sorta through a party in my head, you know, just for victory. But the odd thing is the first level of world two was sorta off, the textures were changed to a slightly more realistic graphic setting, I would have to say it probably went from 64 bit to about 84 bit, not much of a change, but hey, still a change.

I progressed through the level to figure out the Koopas and Goombas were not going toward me and they were actually running away from me, as well for the mushrooms!, which freaked me out. But I just accepted this as a glitch for some reason and kept going. Then the game music changed, it changed to pretty much the theme song but in reverse. But I Finally caught up to a Goomba and right as I went to kill it, the game went into a cut scene, the Goomba's face was indescribable, the face was sorta mangled you know, the eyes out of their sockets and the blood out of the eye sockets.

The Goomba was joined by another, and another, they were all chanting "We have found you." I didn't know what it meant but I didn't think it was good. I progressed through just a little more, the screen got darker and darker as I was progressing through the level, then the screen went totally black and Mario's face appeared. The face was indescribable. If I had to describe it, I would say that it looked like the devil itself, his teeth as sharp as the vampire teeth from the movies, and his eyes as red as hell itself. I quickly turned off the game.

But the TV still muttered the words, "We have found you".

I decided to try to work with some other games, my Donkey Kong games were all the same, first level, then demon face saying "We have found you", even the old fucking Tom and Jerry game I owned for no reason did the same thing, you have no idea what that did to my childhood.

Well I was able to go to sleep for half the night, but then I was suddenly awaken by the sound of static on my TV, I went and turned it off while I saw a figure in the corner. The figure was a person, just a person wearing an old Nintendo suit. I sorta thought it could have been a sick joke, but then he said the four words I wish I could have never heard again:

"We have found you."

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