Every night, before me and my older brother went to bed, we called out to the creatures that stalk the night. Of course we never thought it would work, but it was just a bonding moment for me and him.

As we huddle in bed, lights shut off, window open for the moon to illuminate the room, our hands on each others shoulders, and our heads facing downwards, we called:

"Ubi sunt vobis?"

Never an answer... But tonight... Tonight was, to say the least, different. When we called, a sudden rush of burning energy flowed through our bodies, almost making both of us shriek in utter pain. We griped on tight to each other, trying to fight the urge to break out screaming in agony.

The pain stopped.

It got eerily quiet in the room, it seemed as if noise didn't even exist anymore. I let go of my brother and looked behind him, ready to go to bed and thinking that the event was over. But I was deathly wrong...

As I glanced behind him, I saw a large figure, though it was hard to make it out with no light source in the room. It had to have been eight feet tall at the least. Standing on its hind legs, it was a dark, almost blood red color, veins bulging out of its arms and chest, looking as if it was made purely of muscle. What disturbed me the most was the creature's face... It looked almost identical to the face of a dog's, but its teeth... It has human-like teeth, stretched out in a maniacal grin. Its had small, beady, almost glowing yellow eyes that burnt into your soul.

It just stood there...

I clenched onto my brother, holding him tight against me, and he held me even tighter, realizing something was wrong. I closed my eyes, not daring to look back at the creature standing over us.

We heard it step closer to us, and we both sat there, shaking, just waiting for it to finish us off. I called one last time.

"Ubi sunt vobis...?" It responded in a cold, raspy voice, sending chills down my spine.

"Sum ius hic..."

The answer we have been waiting for... I broke out crying, knowing he was going to kill us at any moment now. I looked back up at this hellish creature, waiting for my fate.

It screeched, and took off, baring large, tattered wings, and flew out through the still open window, leaving me and my brother shaking in fear. To this day, I still don't know what that creature was, but all I know is that me and my brother will not be calling it again any time soon.