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The NightEdit

It was a late night at the countryside. Bob was feeding the chickens, when he heard a faint murmuring sound. He heard it came from the barn. He took his shotgun along and went to the barn. He kept going and then, he found a figure. It was deformed, it started twisting its limbs and it was disgusting. Bob was scared, so he shot the figure. It seemed, that it disappeared after he shot it. Bob was confused and thought he was just tired. He went back home and laid down and went to sleep. But, it seemed that the Figure didn't leave him alone. It just kept following him, and he wanted something. Bob looked out the window, and saw the Figure and woke up his family.

"Honey, there's a figure out there, look," Bob said, frustrated. His wife looked out the window and saw nothing. "There's nothing out there, what are you talking about?"

his wife replied. "Ahhh! This is just frustrating!" shouted in frustration. "I'm going back to bed. Good night."

Then he heard that the floor creaked. He woke up and went to the hallway. He saw the figure again, twisting it's limbs and deforming in a way a human being couldn't.

"GET OUT! GO!" Bob shouted at the figure. It replied, in a very low tone, and stuttering - "No, I w-w-ill not-t-t... I am he-e-ere t-t-to st-t-ay..."


Reconstruction of the figure.

Bob grabbed his shotgun and started shooting at the figure, but the figure disappeared once again.

Bob ran to his wife's room and wanted to tell her something. "Honey, please, wake up." He rolled her body over, but what he found was disgusting.

His wife's body, disgustingly mutilated, eyes were ripped out, her stomach is on the floor, she was stabbed in the head, she was stripped of her clothes, raped, her limbs were holding on just by the bones. It was so disgusting, that he started to cry, he vomited and then, he found a note.

"You are next. Get ready."

The FuneralEdit

At the funeral, there wasn't that much left to bury. When the ceremony ended, when everybody left, he stayed at the grave and dropped on his knees.

"Why God, why? Why did this have to happen? And what did i do to deserve this?"

He saw the figure again. Near the trees, it was bloody and just as disgusting.

"Do it. You said i was next. I don't really want to live anymore. It's no use. You want to kill me, fine. Do it. But, i have a question, why?"

The figure replied - "You were the one that killed me. The man, that tried to help you. You killed me. I wanted revenge. First, i killed your wife, and it's a surprise that you didn't kill yourself. So I'm going to finish the job. Slow and painful."

"See you in hell, you wretched pig."

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