Field 3

Your eyes flutter open from a long, deep slumber. You feel alarmed. Where are you? A huge field, covered with green grass and daisies.

'It's so beautiful,' you think. And before you know it, tears start falling out of your eyes uncontrollably. You fall down on the ground in agony, clenching your head as memories, thoughts, and feelings flood your head from your previous lifetime.

What's going on? You wonder. Then suddenly, all of the pain, and hurt goes away. The tears no longer flooding your eyes. There's a voice. You're no longer frightened, and the reason of your existence comes into play in your imagination.

A man appears in front of you. He is wearing a white robe that looked as if it almost glowed. Who is this person? You look in dismay. "I am you, and you are me," he says in a light voice as if he knew what you were thinking. You raise yourself to your feet unsure. He smiled at you reassuringly, then looking out towards the horizon. You stared in awe as fields started unfolding in front of you. With eyes wide and mouth open, you look over to where the man was standing.

He was fading slowly away. You started to tear up, then he smiled. But no, there was more behind that smile you thought. His smile was full of pain, love, tears, and agony. You put your hand on his shoulder and hugged the man. You suddenly knew what he meant when he said that he was you and you were him. You were looking into the eyes of yourself.

He stepped backwards and thanked you. But before you could do anything, he started fading quickly. In fear, you reached out and tried to grab his hands. He muttered out two words before he was gone: "Good luck." You closed your eyes and when you opened them, the man was gone. You clenched your fist.

'It's too late,' you thought, 'there's no going back beyond this point.'

You exist, to create life. You exist ONLY to progress mankind. You looked out to the horizon then smiled. This is where everything starts. Life, death, sadness and sorrow, happiness and glee. This, you think, is the start to a huge development. Step by step, you walk slowly through the field, then you break into a run. This is the start to a new beginning.