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As history states, there were multiple cultures that began and evolved separate from each other, each developing their own language and gods and cultures and such. However, no matter where you go, there is a name. To be exact, The Name. It's apparently the name of this prophesied person who supposedly will grow up to become a mass murderer and wipe out all life on earth. I've devoted my entire life to finding out who this person is and stopping them. In Egypt, the name is Kiveru. In Greece, it's Neropa. Peru; Gevya. Even the Mayans have their version of The Name: Kithluk. I've spent many decades learning these languages and translating them, and I've finally fully deciphered The Name. The name of the one who will make earth an uninhabited rock some day, the one who will kill us all. I've learned that the person in question is in fact on this very website, probably reading this right now. If you are reading, I know what you plan on doing. I'm coming from you. I wont rest until you are gone and the world is safe.

<insert name here>, you are my target.

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