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2:15. I never knew why it liked that time. I would wake up to it. The gentle tune of a music box. Innocent, yet malicious at the same time. I would try not to open my eyes, to resist the temptation. But I had to. I knew it was there, and it knew I was here. I would open my eyes and see it. Its head was looking straight down, but l knew it could see me. It would stand there for hours, its hand turning the crank, never seeming to get tired. I would try to stay up to see what would happen, but l could never stay up. That... thing, it would be gone before I woke up. So many sleepless nights...

I went to sleep expecting the same thing; to wake up at 2:15, and have no sleep bar two hours of nightmares. But, that didn't happen. I slept. I got into my bed and slept. I woke up at 10:43 the next morning. I thought to myself, It's gone. My life is back to normal. This thing that had been haunting me for seventeen months was gone. That night, I made myself some tea, got my hot water bottle, and got into bed, looking forward to another happy night.

2:15. I never knew why it liked that time. I woke up to it. The familiar tune of that music box. I opened my eyes, expecting to see the figure once again. I saw nothing. I must just be paranoid, I thought. Probably just imagining things. I lay my head back down on my pillow. Once again, I hear it. I must be going crazy, I think to myself. Until l realize the music is coming from the other side of my bed...

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