In the late 1950's, the travel destination of Mitiwanga near the shores of Lake Erie, was a frequent visit for families wanting an escape from the city life, and a taste of the simple life. In this legend, the Donahue family was a few days into their vacation. Mitiwanga featured houses that lined the shores of Lake Erie, with a steep hill leading straight into the water. Jacob was 10 years old, and had been complaining of hearing noises for the beginning of their stay that week. His parents quickly brushed off his complaints, chalking it up to boats and other noises nearby. As the nights went on, the voices were getting clearer, and the emotional attachment to the boy's mind was growing. On the last night of their stay, Jacob's parents had put him to sleep, and gone in for the night. The voice kept droning in the back of his thoughts.

This time, he felt the urge to act upon what the voice was asking. In the middle of the night, the boy stepped out of bed, and proceeded to sneakily make his way down to the beach. He had written into his diary "The Voice is calling me". The voice got stronger, but seemed still very far away. It called out, "Find me, please," over and over. Towards the end of the pier, the voice urged him, "Jump, I'm here to catch you," and Jacob leaped. He landed on a pile of rocks off of the pier, and was instantly killed. Legend says, that the voice returns each year and targets children of the same age of the last person to die on that pier. Residents have claimed to see apparitions of a young boy, walking, and standing on the end of the pier. They can also hear the screams of Jacob's parents, after they learned of their son's death. The last note they read of his existence, was his last words "the voice is calling me."