They're always watching you, studying your every movement. Who are they, you ask? Why, they're the mirrored ones, of course! They love to play games. Quite the devious little buggers, the mirrored ones. The games they like to play? Well, that differs on how you react to seeing them. You see, if you're happy and enthusiastic to meet them, you'll end up playing a nice and cheery game. Perhaps tag or a friendly game of hide and go seek. Games we're familiar with. However, if you so dare to greet them with fear or disgust, you will play one of their games. These games you'll be less enthusiastic to play, to say the least.


The game they most often choose is sort of like a memory game, in a sense. Or well, it is a memory game. They know everything about you. Your name, your first crush, even what you had for breakfast three years ago. They never forget. The game consists of them recalling certain events in your life. Your job is to recall at least one observation from said event. If you get it right, congratulations! You've won! The game is over and you are free to go. However, if you can't remember an observation from said event, or can't recall the event at all, you lose. Then, you will switch places with them. You will become the mirrored one, and the mirrored one will become you. You will be left to study them, observe them, remember every single thought they process. In case they ever come greet you, they will have no memories of being a mirrored one. Your old memories are now theirs.

What's that? You want to know how to encounter one? Well now, aren't we brave? It's simple, really. The mirrored ones are everywhere. They're your reflection, your shadow, anything that seems to be mimicking you; it's them. All you have to do is greet them.

"The Mirrored Ones"03:14

"The Mirrored Ones"