May 2010, police officers responded to a call on 77 Micro Drive, Erwin, North Carolina. The caller gave the dispatcher the address and, in a dark voice, growled, "I have killed them, and I'm not sorry."

When the police arrived to the small, white house in the quiet south side of the sleepy hamlet, what they discovered became known as, "The Micro Dr. Horror." Inside the residence is where they found the bodies of Ronnie and Janis McCorquedale, a middle-aged couple that had been duct taped, beaten, and shot in the head. Upon entering the house of horrors, Officer Greg Hargrove noted that a rock song could be heard blaring from the stereo on a constant loop. There was no telling how long the song had been playing. This song had later been identified as Are You The One? by The Presets.

The entire house had been vandalized. Dinner plates smashed, interior decorations broken, and spray painted in red letters on the walls of the house read words such as:

Pig Fucker.

Sex to the Devil 666.  

I Did This 4 Fun.

Investigators later discovered a DVD disc on the nightstand in the McCorquedale's bedroom. In black Sharpie, the words on the disc read: PLAY ME, and below the capitalized letters appeared a poorly doodled penis. When viewing the contents on the DVD, investigators were faced with footage that can only be described as pure mania.

The opening scene depicted a grown man wearing a John McCain mask; the kind one can purchase from either Spencer's or Halloween shops. He sat in front of a black curtain and, in a very discernible voice, said: "What I am going to do tomorrow night is unforgivable, but I don't care. For twenty-six years I have tried to stop this darkness inside of me and the voices that tell me to hurt, torture and kill. I can no longer resist my urges, and I am simply doing this for fun." He threw up the peace sign and added, "Peace to all the pig fuckers in this shitty world."


The scene cut to what appeared to be the inside of a moving car. Occasionally street lights would illuminate the eerie John McCain mask and the same song by The Presets could be heard playing. This recording went on for a good four minutes before the masked man looked down in his lap at the camera and exclaimed, "Fuck! It's on record." Before cutting the device off he growled, "Piece of shit."

The scene after that jumped straight into the inside of the McCorquedale's living room where Ronnie and Janis could be seen tied up and trying to scream; however, the duct tape on their mouth prevented them from doing so. Off camera the intruder yelled, "Satan lives!!" Following the dark exclamation was a maniacal laughter.

The 9-iron that the masked figure held could be seen in the recording frame. He whispered, in a very child-like voice, "Do you love the devil? Do you support Adolf Hitler?" When the couple didn't respond, he would bludgeon them with the golf club. The sadistic and sad thing about this is that they couldn't even respond to this maniac's bizarre questions because they had been gagged.

After interrogating the couple, the camera zoomed in on Janis McCorquedale's barely conscious face. She moaned in agony as one of her swollen eyes opened to beg for mercy. "Should I rape you?" the cameraman asked. When Janis shook her head with heavy disagreement, the maniac growled, "I wasn't talking to you, bitch."

The recording then turned to Ronnie, whose eyes grew with immense fear as he realized the question was directed towards him. He shook his head violently as a mixture of blood and sweat dripped from his face. "Oh, I'm gonna ya' pig fucker," the lunatic's voice growled off camera.

He then added, "But before I fuck you, I'm gonna kill your pretty wife." Before Ronnie could even process all of this information, the sound of a gun cocking could be heard. Followed by that was a gunshot and blood splattered from Janis' head. Ronnie screamed through the duct tape covering his mouth.

The scene cut to the camera being placed on the kitchen counter. In full focus stood the maniac wearing the disturbing mask. When Ronnie tried to squirm away, the killer kicked him the face, knocking his teeth in. After breaking Ronnie's face, the intruder proceeded to pull the husband's pants down and forcefully rape him. Every time the maniac thrust his victim, he let out a disgusting and disturbing yee-haa.

When the rapist killer was finished using Ronnie as a disposable toy, he shot him in the back of the head. For about a good five minutes the maniac sat down on the sofa. Behind the mask he stared at something—or someone—from behind the camera and kitchen counter and asked, "I've been a bad little piggy, haven't I?"

After a moment of silence there was a loud gunshot, and the man wearing the John McCain mask fell off the sofa and hit the floor with a loud thud. It was then the camera shut off.

The bizarre thing about the The Micro Drive Horror is that the rapist's body was not found in the house, and what's more alarming is that the second intruder is still at large.