Mannequin Tree
Author's note: This actually happened to me a few years ago.

If you've ever lived in Midwest America, you might have heard a story about the Mannequin Tree. It's one of those creepy stories you hear passing around a group of friends or neighbors, about a few mannequins disappearing from local malls and showing up in forests about 20 miles away. Sitting under one of the trees.

I rarely watched local news, but the one time I turned on the TV, the news broadcast had some tiny story about mannequins disappearing from the nearby mall.

I guess this was about two years after I had heard the little town tale, and now I was interested. I decided to go over to the nearby woods and look for the mannequins, and I guess that some of my neighbors had the same idea. We decided to group up to find where they were. It took us nearly five minutes after getting out of our cars to find them. It was just like the story had said, they were sitting under the tree.

They had the tags of the mall nearby, so we picked them up and took them back. I moved south about ten months after this, and I still think about the story. I have always wondered who would move the mannequins. It's something that someone enjoys doing, I guess. To keep the story alive.