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I want everyone to know that this is a true story.

I'm a 13 year old boy. I wasn't the one to "believe" in a lot of things until he showed up. The man in the shiny black mask. I still have no idea why he came to me. But anyways, it was an average Seattle night. Cloudy, dark, and cold.

I was in my warm room when I thought I had heard something strange. Like, a whisper from another room or something.

I got up without turning on the lights, and put my ear to the wall. Note, my room is right next to my mom's computer room. Maybe my mom was on the phone? No, she was definitely asleep. The voice I was listening to was a man's voice.

After hearing words like "found" and "kill" I decided I'd call the police. It was then I heard yet another voice. This voice was no human voice, it was demonic. It was like millions of different voices at once, (all in different pitches).

It was incredibly loud whispering and the voices coming from the room next to me was enough for me to call the police. I walked over to my night stand and turned on my lamp. I heard the most horrible thing I'd ever heard when I turned that lamp on. The demonic whispering from the other room grew to screaming.

The voice was screaming, "AWAKE. AWAKE. AWAKE." Over and over. It was too much.

The voices really got into my head and started hurting my ears and brain, then my door flung open. Everything went silent. There, standing in the doorway was a man, with the most awful face I'd ever seen. I soon realized it was a mask, but the most horrific mask I'd ever seen. It was a black mask, shiny too, with an evil, sinister smile on it. The eyes were black, and seemed to look into my soul.

The man's clothing was all black. Black hoodie, black pants, black shoes. He stood there for what seemed like forever, until finally saying,

"No." in the most awful, psychotic, evil voice I've ever heard.

I remember passing out. I'm not sure what I experienced, and I don't know if I want to know. If anyone else has seen this man, I need to be contacted. I woke up the next day with a picture of him on my phone. I have no idea how it got there.

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