On any February 29th (leap year), look at the photo of a missing person on a milk carton. The picture will be of an old man who looks like a murderer. Whatever you do, don't call the number on the carton on the same day you looked at the picture, or else a voice on the other end will tell you that you're going to die. The next February 29th of the next leap year, at the exact time of calling the number 4 years ago, you will die of a heart attack immediately.

Instead, go to the last place the man was seen at after dark, when the place has closed. Make sure you remember the last place you know you were seen at and not just the last place you can remember being seen at, as when you get to the location a voice will ask you where you were last seen. Naming the wrong place will cause an intimidating black figure to come at you so fast that it's almost floating. Using its right hand, which is a jagged black knife, it will tear you limb from limb and you will not die until you are completely mutilated.

If you name the right place, the same figure will walk out of the shadows towards you; do not flee or show emotion, or you will suffer the same fate at the hand/sword of the figure. Instead, stay still with little to no expression on your face and the approaching figure will ask you in a raspy voice,"What power do you desire?"

Only tell it that you want invisibility; any other power will backfire, resulting in a horrible death. For instance, heat vision will overheat within your body until you either explode or melt from the inside. Even the ability to fly; on your first flight your body will begin to go so fast that the altitude will rip you to shreds.

When you tell the figure you want invisibility, you will begin to feel dizzy and eventually faint. You will wake up in the exact spot you first saw the man on the milk carton; however the picture on the milk carton will now be of a little girl. Now, whenever you snap your fingers, you will turn invisible.

However, never stay invisible for more than an hour or your soul will forever be trapped in the picture on the milk carton, manifested as your younger self. And on the next February 29th, on the exact time you woke up with your ability to turn invisible, you will take the figure's place. And the picture on the milk carton will be of you as an old man.

You will only be free when someone gains your invisibility and time comes for him to take your place.

As the man on the milk carton.

CREEPYPASTA The Man on the Milk Carton

CREEPYPASTA The Man on the Milk Carton.