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This is the story of a man, a young man, now, I'm not going to go into a lot of details into his life before this incident, it'd make this tale quite a long one.

He was out in the woods with some of his work buddies, they were taking a camping trip out in the woods near the town they lived in. It had been a long night, cold and kind of wet, as they sat near the campfire trying to stay as warm as they could. They heard howling off in the distance, they didn't much of it. They roasted marshmallows as anyone would when sitting around a campfire, they didn't bring much other things besides the two tents, and their sleeping bags. They began hearing more frequent howling off in the distance. One of the four had to go take a leak, and walked off behind one of the trees. He hadn't come back for about, ten minutes or so, which didn't seem much like him, all he had to do was pee. They went searching about the woods calling out his name.

"Bill!" they shouted, "Bill!!! Where the hell are ya?!"

"Maybe he went back to his car to get something..." said Joseph.

"It'd be a pretty long walk," said Henry "I doubt he'd have gone out that far to get something."

"Well, then just keeping looking" said Jay.

So they kept walking through the darkness of the woods, when they came across a small cabin with lights inside. They walked up to the door and knocked and were greeted by a kind lady.

"Hello there," she said to the three "Not very often do I see people out here!"

"We're looking for our friend Bill," said Henry back to the woman "He went off somewhere."

"I haven't seen anyone 'cept you three for a couple of weeks" said the lady.

"We need to keep looking for him." said Jay.

"Maybe he went back to the campsite" said Joseph "And now he's wondering where the hell we went."

"Yeah... I think we should go back to the campsite and wait for him to show up." said Henry.

"Alright..." digressed Jay "I guess we should go back to the campsite"

In a couple minutes of walking back to the campsite, a storm seemed to kick up. It began raining a bit. They kept trudging onward back to the campsite. When they got there they were greeted with a grisly seen. Bill, was laying were the fire had been. Burned, and cut up, missing a few fingers...

"WHO THE HELL DID THIS?!?" screamed Jay.

"OH MY GOD BILL!" shouted Henry.

"What the hell...?" asked Joseph "Who could do this to another human being?..."

Narry a few seconds after he asked, a man stepped up from the shadows. A man dressed in all black, holding a large knife.

"I did." said the stranger.

"Why?" asked Jay. "What the hell did Bill do to deserve this?"

"Yeah, what did he ever do to you?" asked Joseph.

The man walked up a bit more.

"Nothing" said the stranger, "I just wanted someone to kill, so, I came to the woods, I heard a few guys were taking a camping trip, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to kill someone."


"I'm the guy who's gonna kill you, and your friends." said the stranger happily.

"You're not gonna do shit," said Henry "I'm gonna kick your ass!"

"Try me." said the stranger happy faced.

Henry ran at the man. He dropped in a matter of seconds.

"Henry!" yelled Jay, "Get up!"

"He's not gonna stand back up after that," said the stranger "I stabbed him pretty deep..." smiled the stranger.

Jay charged at him, getting past the first stab of the knife to land a punch on his face, and got cut on his arm. He jumped back and proceeded to charge again, when Joseph, of all people grabbed his arm.

"Stand back Jay" said Joseph looking depressed.

"What?!" asked Jay, "The hell do you think you can do to this guy?"

"I said stay back..." said Joseph.

"No, I'm going to kick his a-" but Jay was cut short in mid-sentence by Joseph putting a hatchet in his side.

"I'm going to get this guy" said Joseph, "Don't you worry, Jay."

Joseph charged at the man, caught his hand holding the knife, and stabbed him in the stomach with the hatchet.

Joseph walked off the scene wearing his favorite, black, trench coat.

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