The last thing I saw before I blacked out, was his tongue licking my blood from the floor. I knew that when I awoke, I might as well be dead, but it wasn't long until the raping started again. The thing I had tried to escape. As soon as I could feel my legs, I tried to move. But when I did, the lights flashed on instantly. In them, he was standing and applauding. His eyes swirled back and forth between an unknown feeling and his insanity. I tried to scream but I thought that was all it ever was.

He came closer and traced the knife over my lips. I tried not to notice the fact that blood was painted over the walls and the tally marks of the girls in which he had screwed. I spit at the bastard and he slices my face as more blood spills out and I black out.

I wake up and I'm in a doctor's room. Legs, strapped tired and risen, though the rest of me is lying down. The man, sir, as I know him, enters the room, face covered in a doctor's mask. On a small screen is a picture of a small fetus.

"Subject is hostile," he says speaking into a tape recorder.

"The subject has a large desire to sleep around. Classified as a whore, the fetus' father is unknown."

Tears rolled down my face, but the asshole continued taking notes.

"The fetus is approximately three months old. From the mother's lack of capability and people unwilling to adopt the son of a whore, I must abort."

I cried because of the fact that I knew perfectly well who the father was, but when I tried to talk, I realized that my mouth was sewn shut. He stuck a large sharp object into me and the pain made me cry. Years I had tried to get pregnant and then, just as soon as my baby was there, he was gone.

"That's why I'm here officer," I say in an almost whimpering voice. The officer's head tilts up from his its downward position.

"I'm just glad it's over."

"Not necessarily," he says revealing his eyes. The eyes of insanity and an undetermined feeling.