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Day 1- 8:49 AM

"Hello, my name is Dr. Annabell N. Frost. This will be my recording as I start my test a long with a hand full of other Doctors. We will be testing how the Psychotic mind works, but not like others before us. No, we are about to learn what part of the brain will start this and who is more likely to become one.

We gathered up a group of fifteen people between their late teens years and those who are young adults. We have told them that the pills we are giving then are for head aches not what we now call 571.

Things seem to be going well, we can see them though the monitor and nothing seems to be any different from when they came in. Their is one whoever that catches my eye. She has black hair and bright brown eyes, she has fair skin color. Not pale, but not really tan. She seems a bit far off from all the others, only speaking to a hand full."

7:30 PM-

"The first day has come to a close, and just as I thought nothing would of changed. We need to wait longer till we can say for sure. I will be taking off, one of my Co-Workers will keep watch other then though out the night."

Night 1- 9:44 PM

"I have been told to stay awake at nights, it's good seeing as I don't have to come during the days... but anyway my name is Dr. Frank Fish. I have been keeping an eye on all fifteen people, their only seems to be a few that started acting a little differently then when they came in. One of then being a girl with black hair, I believe her name was Starling. Like Dr. Frost had told me she had started shunting her self away from the others, apart from a young man who I guess is Anna bell's son and three others."

11:09 PM-

"It's almost midnight and I have yet to see anything different in any of the fifteen. Things like this takes time and I know Dr. Frost would be pleased to know what I have to tell her."

Day 2- 5:54 AM

"Dr. Fish had told me what had happened during the night. I'm glad that he didn't leave anything out, but I'm wondering how things will go from here. One of my Co-Works are going in the small large room bring in some food. There isn't a lot to say about that apart from a few of the test subjects glaring at the man as he went by. A few had talked to him, asking him how their friends and Families where doing. He of course couldn't answer but assured them that he would let them know if anything had happened."

Dr. Annabell Frost's Private Journal- 18/02/1993

Things have been going well, though I wish my Son hadn't signed up for the test. Giz may be a strong boy but I don't know if he will fall to the way of the pills. There are a few we need to keep an eye on. Starling, Blaze, Max, and Red. I have also been taking the medication we are giving to the fifteen... I understand why a few of them are on edge. Although I just started taking the pills so there is nothing worth taking note of.

I will write down what ever I learn.

Day 6- 8:30 AM

"Things started going down hill, when one of the Doctors went to bring food in for the test subjects. When Starling attacked her, she tackled her to the ground and bit down onto her neck, we where able to pull her off. She seemed shocked and disgusted with her self. We also started to notice that a few of them have mutations going on with their eyes. Starling's eyes whites became yellow, her brown eyes now have a red glime to them. Giz's eyes also changed, they are still light green but they started to go into his eye whites. A few others eyes only got paler or a got a bit of red in their color.

The Doctor Starling attacked won't be coming back, she had left this work. Not that anyone could blame her, she was almost killed. The only reason she is still alive is because Starling still had enough sanity to pull back. Most of the others had started to try and keep away from her. She would sometimes even growl and glare at the others."

10:44 AM-

"Things had gone back to day one. Everyone seems to have calmed down after what had happened. I will have to ask Dr. Fish to come in and keep an eye on everyone to make sure another attack doesn't happen at night. We also need find another way to bring in food with out putting another Doctor in danger."

Dr. Annabell Frost's Private Journal- 24/02/1993

It has been four days since I started taking the pills my self. Things had started changing for me as well. My eye color had become paler and I've been having weird dreams, they seem to be of things that haven't happened yet as I had the dream of the attack that happened today a day before it happened. If that's the case I have a bad felling, but I won't stop this test. I can't let myself fail.

Like I had said in my recording there have been a few mutations happening to a few people given the pills. We're not sure if this is caused by the pills or not.

Night 6- 11:30 PM

"It has been three days since they called me in. Nothing new has happened between that time, but now that I have learned about what had happened I'm not sure if I want to ever come back here... but there's no one else willing to come and I know that I'm one of Dr. Frost's trusted Co-Workers. I've been told to keep an eye on Starling.

I'm not sure why but there's something about her that seems off. I was told she would glare and growl at the others, but now she seems to be mumbling to her self. I recorded what she was saying, I will give it to Annabell and she can have a look into it."

Day 7- 3:21

"I've come to work a lot earlier then normal. Frank had gotten a recording of Starling mumbling. I listened to it and I could fully under stand what she was saying apart from that she wasn't really saying anything, just a few grumbles. Giz has been acting a little different, although not in a bad way like Starling. He's been looking out for the others and so far stopping any fights from happening. Then there was Blaze, he was acting like a father to Giz and that made me smile. But things that had happened don't need to be drought up during work. We have come up with a way to give them food without anyone having to enter the room, hopefully now we don't have to worry about anymore attacks like yesterday."

Dr. Annabell Frost's Private Journal- 25/02/1993

Something starting had happened at work today. Blaze, one of the people doing the test had started to act like a Father to my son Giz. The two seem to be close, it was a good thing to see after so long. He's father had left sometime after he was born, leaving me to take care of him and his brother.

It has also been five days since I started taking those pills. I've started to hear things, nothing to bad but just faint whispers. I wonder if any of the others are hearing things like this to.

Day 13- 9:21 AM

"It has been six days and things had gone back to day six. Starling had even attack one of the people in the test room with her. It saddens me to say that he didn't make it. We removed Starling from the main test room and put her in a well locked and guarded room. She no longer responds to her name, we have asked her what we should call her... but she would become silent. We also asked her why she had killed Jack, the man she had attack. This is a record of what was said."

"Starling, what made you attack Jack?"



"That's not my name..."

"Then what is your name?"


"Why did you kill Jack?"

"Because I wanted to..."

"We have cameras inside the holding cell, keeping an eye on her. She seemed to know we where watching, even though the camera was well hidden. She also seem to be able to read minds, but unlike a few of the others that's all she can do. One of the younger girls can start fires with her mind, along with someone I could guess is her boyfriend. Though their eyes only change when they change forms. We have come up with names for this group of people. We call them Sifters, Starling has yet to change to her final form. A few of others have shown all forms. We have also named all three forms- First Form, Gray Demon Form, Final form or Shifter Form.

Some that we have found interesting is the fact that they grow horns when they go into Demon Gray Form. Some of them have wings and others don't. My son Giz along with Starling and two others have dragon like wings. There are a few with bird like wings and others with no wings. Those few seem to be able to flout around. We'll need to look more into that."

Dr. Annabell Frost's Private Journal- 02/03/1993

Eleven days... I have still been taking the pills and I have been able to change forms a lot like all the others. I have been able to reach Shifter Form. I'm a pure white best with white bird like wings. I also have horns like all the others, but don't really have any mind powers. I have however become stronger, faster, and smarter. My son seems to have gotten stronger he also became very close to everyone in the room with him. So close in fact that he even attack and started a fight with Starling when she killed that young man.

This Blaze guy seems really sweet, he doesn't have any wings and seems to have that mind powers like the others that don't have wings. He somehow found a way to talk to me through the camera. He was shocked when he learned that Giz was my son, I had told him I had no way of knowing that he would become part of this test. He promised me that he would help Giz on looking after the others.

Day 19- 10:30 AM

"It has been another six days since one of the test subjects where killed. We still keep Starling in the cool off room. So far she seems calm, but we learned not to underestimate her... we can tell that she can smell anyone that comes to close, she even gave names to everyone and will say something when ever they walk by her cell. She has since started calling me by my middle name Nightmare. I came even remember what she had said to me before when I went to check on the guards around her cell. She said 'It's fun isn't it? Changing forms... become stronger.... although it doesn't seem to have changed you as much as it had to me. I guess that means I never really been the sweet girl everyone thought I was....' then she started laughing. No one knows that I've been taking the pills and now I'm wondering if the others can tell if anyone else that has taken the pills. I will have to test this out with a few of the calmer people taking the meds."

12:30 PM-

"I have talked to everyone of the people in that room, it seems that not all of them have been able to tell the same thing Starling has. Although I had learned that one of the girls was expecting. I fell bad for her, having to go throw all this... so I allowed her to have her own little room. I told the doctors to keep an eye on her and to take care of her, along with another woman who seems to be going throw the same things. I pray that things go well, but with Starling in a psychotic state and two woman with a babies on the way.... let's just hope my dreams are nothing more then dreams."

Night 19- 10:02 PM

"It's been a long time since I had to Record anything and to tell the truth I don't like to do this, seeing as when ever I do it because of something bad. Starling has been testing the walls of her cell, looking for weak spots. The way she is now I don't think she even needs to worry about things like that. It also seems that the boyfriends of the two women have stayed awake. They had both taken their Demon Gray Forms. One of them had gold eyes, and like everyone else in that form their skin was gray. He didn't have any wings, the other one has black where his eye whites are and his eye color is the same as it is in his first form, a deep blue.

We have to tell them who is dropping off food, I guess I can understand why they become more protective."

Day 29- 8:21 AM

"Ten days have gone by, I guess I should say what has happen during those days. To start we have learned a bit more from those mind powers some of the others have. It turns out only those with out wings can have this power, although there are a few with wings that have slight mind powers. We know that Staling is one of two, the other being Giz.

Speaking of Giz, he seems to be uneasy about what was to happen after the two babies where born... he must be having the same dreams I have. The group seemed to be acting the a pack.

We also talked to Starling again today... I wasn't the one that went, but it was Dr. Fish. He wanted to know what was going on with her. She had given him the name Burned Man, when he asked her about she replied with a 'I thought it be fun to name you the same way I was going to kill you.' This is, from what I was told earned her a shock from the collar we put around her neck. And yes, Dr. Fish did enter her room, we had armed guards go with him and the collar to make sure she doesn't try anything... however there was something Fish told me that still gives me chills. Starling started laughing when they put a few volts of electricity though her... like it was nothing but a big joke."

Day 51- 5:55 AM

Dr. Annabell Frost's Private Journal- 08/05/1993

I haven't need to write anything down for some time now. Things have been very odd, I have been talking with Blaze a lot more often and it turns out that Blaze isn't even his name.. well it is but he had changed it. He didn't say what his birth names was, and I don't really think it matters. He told me that when the test are done that he would live with me and help me out with everything. He also told me that he would keep an eye on Giz and the others and that they where mostly uneasy because of

Starling, they seem to think that she would get out of her holding cell. I don't blame them, I have a feeling that she'll get out of there to. She also asked Dr. Fish to hand me this note when I came in for work. This is what it said' Dear Nightmare. Do you think your little cell can hold me? No, I know for a fact that you know better... The Burned Man told me he would gives this to you... he better hope he did. But that's not the point of this letter. I thought that it be fun to tell you this. I will get out, and those lovely little families? Oh, I will kill them to... I don't fell anything for them... but I won't attack right now... I'll wait, keep you one your toes and watch you panic, watch how fear slowly takes over your minds... Signed your favorite psychopath.

Day 100- 12:28 PM

"It's hard to believe that it's been so long, we started letting most of the people go home. only five stayed behind. Giz would of stayed but I told him to go home, get used to the outside world. The five that are stay are to two woman and their boyfriends, Blaze stayed behind to help me. This will be my last day at work, Blaze and I will be going to my home and try to forget all of this. Dr. Fish will take over my work."

4:30 PM-

"It is a sad lose to have Dr. Frost leave, but she wanted to start over and forget everything that has ever happened. I was picked to go forward in this, keeping an eye on those who went back to their homes. We go and talk to them when they need it and help them with being back out in the real world. It please me to see how well they are doing now."

Day 289- 12:40 PM

"Things have been going well, the two newborns just came today. One of them had asked Dr. Frost to take her back to her home and keep an eye on her. She and the two that where part of the test seem to know why, I guess they seem to believe that Starling will get out. I think their worrying about nothing. We'l-"

"Fish, Starling has gotten out!!"

"What!? Where is she!?"

"Look behind you..."

  • Screams and then static*

That night-

It has been a long time since Annabell left the lab. She had taken over looking out for the baby girl that Giz named Jen. Things where almost back to normal apart from Annabell's hair that was once a light blond that is now white. Giz's eyes made him look like he was blind, but he could see fully and well.

It was late in the night, Giz was fast asleep, Annabell was in the living room with Blaze. She looked over to him, he was the oldest one to be part of the test around the same age as Annabell. He's hair is a rusty color and he's eyes are a dark grayish green. Right now he was only wearing a some lose pair of pajama pants. Annabell was wearing dark gray PJs reading a book that was when they got a call. They didn't think anything of it till they picked it up.

"Nightmare." A sinister voice said in almost a sing song voice.

"Startling... how did you get out?" Annabell asked, unable to hide the shock in her voice.

"I told you they couldn't hold me... and guess what? I'm looking for you. I already killed those other that stayed behind!~" Starling sang.

"...." Annabell was silent, Blaze looked over to her worry in his eyes.

"Oh, and my name is Psycho." That was the last thing she said before hanging up.

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