The creature

You're walking around through the woods one day and feel something grab your leg. Not a hostile grab, but almost like a hug. You look down, surprised to see a small teddy bear looking back at you. You find it interesting that a little teddy bear is following you home. It is playful, sweet, and loving. The two of you sleep together, it draws you cute, child-like pictures, and you enjoy each others company.

You begin to notice small sharp objects disappearing from your possession, but you ignore it. One night you wake up and notice the teddy bear's figure standing at the foot of your bed, but something looks... off about it. You turn on your light and it lunges. You toss it across the room and get a good look at it. It is made entirely of knives, pins, scissors, all your things that had recently gone missing. Terrified, you grab your bat and smash it to pieces before it it collects itself. You hear a small cackling from your closet.

You ready your bat and flip on the closet light. You peer in and see your teddy bear constructing similar figures to the one you just destroyed, but out of different materials. They all turn and look at you, the original teddy bear flicks his head in your direction and in an instant, they all jump at you. Swinging your bat as hard as you can, you hit a few and they shatter and tear. One made of wood with a scissor blade tied to its arm slashes your chest. Panicked, you begin to flail your bat. Some of the intact ones from your last strike stand up, others crawling towards you. You turn and run down the hallway, your former all-star league skills coming back to you. As bears are lunging and the adrenaline is pumping, you turn and swing, knocking a few to pieces. You focus on the dozen others sprinting at you down the hall and you start running at a speed you didn't think you could achieve.

You grab your cell phone and sprint out the door, kicking at and stomping several of the bears on your way out as they slash at your ankles. Bleeding, panting, and crying, you jump into your car and start it up. As you turn around you notice the silhouette of the original teddy bear standing in your window, and several more crawling up next to him. You drive away, forgetting that you your phone is in your pocket. Your phone begins to ring, your house number on the display. You answer and in a small, shrill voice you hear the words "behind you." you look into your rear-view mirror. Sitting in the center back seat is a normal looking teddy bear, head cocked to the side. It opens its mouth revealing rows of sharp glass teeth. It lets out a screech that nearly deafens you as you swerve off of the road.