Author's note: This is a sequel to my short story, Medication. This story is the first key to putting a huge collection of my stories all together to create one fluent tale.

The Last Entry

5/13/11 Saturday: Today’s entry is long. A lot happened.

I didn’t take a pill today. Something happened. I blacked out. I was working in the shop on the gnome that Janet asked me to make for her. I bent over and reached for a cloth to wipe my hands, and I blacked out.

The Barn Entity

"All I saw was flesh and one deep black socket where its eye should be."

I woke up hours later; a fuzzy feeling covered my body. I wasn’t in the shop anymore. I was somewhere else. I think it was my garage, but I’m not sure. It was too dark to tell but I could smell the oil on the floor from my car and the fertilizer I had stored in the corner was prominent as well. I got up and tried to feel my way around but I felt as if I had no grounding.

There was weightlessness about me. I squinted and tried my hardest to see through the dark, but there was nothing. Suddenly, without a moment’s notice, a bright object flew to my left. I turned to see what it was, but I saw nothing. There was a high pitched screech, like a banshee. The bright object flew at me. All I saw was flesh and one deep black socket where its eye should be.

I blacked out again. I don’t know what happened in that time, but I was back in the workshop. I got up and stretched. I must have passed out from the medication and had a dream. I keep telling myself this, but the dream was so vivid. I’m not sure what it was. I figured that there was enough work done for the day and I decided to go get a frozen pizza from the grocery store.

As I entered the garage, I recognized the same smell that was in my dream. Oil and fertilizer. When I was dreaming, I was definitely in the garage, but I couldn’t have walked there.

I walked over to my car and then something fell on my head. I had a brief anxiety attack and I hit my head in fear that it was some sort of wild animal. I felt it. It was soft. It was the cloth I was picking up in the workshop when I blacked out.

I looked up to see where it fell from. There was nothing directly above me besides the ceiling.

Today has been really weird.

Written by Zach Zeman
aka The Hooded Werewolf

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