On December 11th, 1932, in the town of Belovaria, Nora Stilkes and her fiancé, whose name is not to be mentioned at this time, were to be married. Nora was the daughter of Lord Stilkes, the richest man in town. Her fiancé, on the other hand, was very poor. He had rented a room at the inn when he arrived, and he had yet to pay off his debt. But Nora didn't care. She believed with all her heart that he was the one for her, that they would have a happy life together somewhere out in the country. And so it seemed.

Right before the wedding was to commence, her fiancé asked her to meet him in the gazebo outside the church. Determined to be a good wife, she happily obliged.

When they were standing in the gazebo, her fiancé asked her, "Do you love me?"

Blindsided by this question, she quickly answered, "Yes, of course I do."

He then grinned and said, "Then this will be all the easier." As he said that, he pulled out a sharpened sickle and cut off her head, which rolled to the feet of her father, who had come out to see her.

Her father was stunned, angry too, and yelled at the fiancé, "What kind of demon are you? You beast, who killed my daughter. She loved you!" The fiancé, covered in blood, raised the sickle over his head and brought the sickle down upon the father's head. With a sickening crack, like a metal pipe hitting a rock, the father's head shattered into pieces. Looking up, he saw all of the wedding attendants, who, after hearing the yelling, had rushed outside to see what had happened. Seeing the two slain, laying on the floor, they all charged at the fiancé, who collapsed immediately. The demon soul flooded out of his eyes, destroying his human body as it did. The soul then laughed and vanished.

One week later, the bride and her father were to have a joint funeral. The bride's head, at the request of the mother, had been sewn back onto the body for the open-casket viewing. As the pastor was saying his sorrows, the bride rose up out of the coffin. She did not say anything, only looked solemn and depressed. She then turned around and wandered into the nearby forest.

The Lost Bride has been reported in several areas in Northwest America, including Canada, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and other forested areas in that region. She has gone around, killing fiancés of brides-to-be, and is thought to be searching for her own fiancé, who can enter and leave human bodies at will.

Her fiancé, however, is still missing. He may have taken over several people already, and consumed them after he was done. He may be the next guy you see, or he may be the last.

Written by Lillameetamart
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