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The original names of the people and places in this account have been changed, to protect the identity of the people in it.

Hello, my name's Tom. I'm sort of an "indie" director, I guess you could say. I go around with my buddies to places and record unnatural activity and places that claim to have it.

Recently, my best friend and cameraman Matt found a location that seemed different from most others. There's a place called Lorem, and in it people supposedly hear voices talk to them, and have been possessed. Now, this would be a pretty normal case if it was just one or two people. However, in this case the entire damn town says they're under this. It isn't mass hysteria either- besides one or two things, all of the cases are different. Because of the possible importance of this project, I'm not only filming it but documenting it here, on a word document.

The First Day

Last night we packed our bags and started on the road to Lorem. Besides Matt, accompanying me is Dave, our lead "investigator", and Mellisa, our behind-the-scenes editress. Nolan refused to go, saying that he felt something different about this case and had a feeling something bad was going to happen. He always says that. He said that it was different than all the other times he said that. He always says that, too.

Something strange did happen today, though. About halfway there we stopped for gas, and decided to get some food at the snack shop. While I was looking for a bag of chips, an old woman came up to me, possibly the owner. "Where are you heading, my dear?" she asked me in a kind and polite manner.

Of course, I told the truth. "Lorem, ma'am." That's where things got a bit suspicious. I've never seen someone change that fast before. Her once cheery face turned completely pale. The smile she had completely faded, to just a normal stare. I was doing to ask her what was wrong, but she walked away without replying.

When we bought our food, the old woman came back, and handed me my stuff. I thanked her, but did not notice until I was outside that there was a note inside.

"TURN BACK" was written on it, in red pen. It was fairly scribbly and hard to read, like she was in a hurry writing it.

When we got in a car I told them about the old lady's reaction, and they dismissed it as simply "believing in the legend" and being afraid. I didn't believe it though. There was something about what happened that just couldn't be from just hearing about it. The look she gave me was of absolute terror, as if death was literally knocking on her door.

I decided to save telling them about the note. I just didn't think it was an appropriate time. I keep pondering it, though.

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