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Monday, 15 June 2013Edit

It just stood there. Hands cupped over its face, head down. It wasn't there when I'd moved in, definitely. I had moved in about three months ago. It was a really nice house, cheap too. Nothing wrong, no plumbing or electricity needed fixing. I honestly loved the house. Yesterday the stone angel appeared in my back garden. I didn't mind it. It was very ornate. See, that's the problem. I knew something was wrong with it, but it just looked so nice. I get attached to stuff that looks nice. And I hate it. I eventually get rid of it. But I just couldn't get rid of it. And every time I looked away, it moved slightly...

Tuesday, 16 June 2013Edit

I went out into my back garden and had a look at it. Bit closer. There was some bloody squirrel trying to eat my tree. I turned, yelled at it and then turned back to the angel. It had moved its hands. It was looking at me. Blank facial expression. Smiling slightly. Finally decided it was time. Got my phone and called up the last tenant of the house. Hopefully, I'll find out if he'd seen it before...

Wednesday, 17 June 2013Edit

Hasn't seen it before. Dammit. I was hoping he'd want it back. Going to call some people to help me move it. This'll be a particularly short entry.

Thursday, 18 June 2013Edit

Alright. They're here. Going to help them move it. Hopefully, I can shift it outside to make it easier. Once again, a shorter entry than usual.

Entries cut off here. The hired men say that upon touching the stone angel, the man who had hired them simply disappeared. After looking through the records for it, a report from back in the 30s is seemingly linked to this case, as a man was placed in a mental hospital after ranting about being sent back in time by a stone angel. The two people could be linked somehow.

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