Day 1

One day, there was a hard working engineer named Mitchell. He loved working and engineering. He had a really bad flu in his stomach. He was so stressed so he went for a walk to the park. He sat down on a bench and watched kids play.

He thought, "I need to see a doctor."

He did. Then, his face started burning. He could not breath. He ran out of the park, into the forest then home. He went to sleep. 

Day 2

Ding! Ding! Ding! Mitchell"s clock went off. *yawn* He put on his clothes, went out, and worked. Ring-Ring-Ring! Ring-Ring-Ring! His phone went off.

"Hello?" he said.

"H-H-Hello?" said a nervous voice. "Who is this?" said Mitchell.

"A stranger. O-Ok. I saw you at the park yesterday. You screamed and ran away. Correct?" said the stranger. 

"Why yes." said Mitchell.

"Your mouth was full of blood when you ran away. You blacked out and never woke up." said the stranger.

"Funny. I didn't recall that happening." said Mitchell.

Beep. Beep. Beep. They hung up.

"What was that person talking about. I didn't black-out." said Mitchell.

Bam-Bam. Someone was at the door. As Mitchell opened the door he got a weird feeling. Like he was going to regret it. As he slowly opened the door... 

Day 1

  • gasp* "What?!" yelled Mitchell.

"Sir, you blacked out!" said the same voice from the phone.

As Mitchell got up he was bleeding on his foot. It was coming from his mouth. "What..." said Mitchell to himself. As he ran home he got the feeling someone or something was following him.

Day 2

As he woke up the phone ringed again. As he picked it up he heard a demonic voice from the other side of the phone. His ears started bleeding. He ran to the forest, jumped up, and started floating. A big, slimy, black figure was crawling in his mouth. As he fell, he could fell it moving around in his stomach.

Day 7

He was stuck in the forest and had no way out. As strangers came in he would always remove their eyeballs and keep them as marbles. He was stuck. Would he ever get out.....

Introduction: Hello, my name is James. I made this. This is my first Creepypasta. I am making a game based on this Creepypasta with the Unity engine. Thanks for reading this. See you in my next Creepypasta. Bye!

Day 8

Mitchell the engineer awoke, lying on the forest floor. Complete with a bag of 'marbles' and 741 op-amps, he began to recall the events of Day 1. As he sat on the park bench that sunny day, eying little girls with bad intent, he had fixated on one girl in particular. Her name was Dihan. She was only 13, but she knew how to nasty. Dihan came up to Mitchell, wondering why he kept repeating "iron sausage" louder and louder with his foot behind his head. Turns out, Dihan is an aspiring engineer. They proceeded to delve into a deep, complex, philosophical discussion about electricity. Dihan asked Mitchell, in his seemingly infinite wisdom, "Mitchell, what *IS* electricity?" Mitchell replied, "Well, Dihan, it's actually very simple." He took a deep breath, now realizing he hesitated before answering. "It is a force.. no wait, it is power.. NO wait it's a field! ...NO... you see.. it is like potential energy, OH GOD wait, no, it is more like a...." Mitchell's mind came to a crashing halt. The entirety of his knowledge came crashing down with the realization that he is clueless about the very phenomena about which he has based his career. He began to shit blood and violently pass kidney stones through his urethra as he rubbed his balls, trying to alleviate the horror. The horror.