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The Ancient Greeks always thought that light came from the eyes. That dark areas were places where people were never supposed to see. But, like the fools we are, we thought light could come from other places, so that we may peer into the dark places where man should not see.

These are 'False Eyes' that Man makes: torches, mirrors to reflect the sun, lanterns, and flashlights. Man just keeps making them to peer into this darkness meant to be hidden.

But I have been chosen willingly to revoke all sight. They deem me 'blind' or 'handicapped', but no. I am only following God's plan, to never look into the darkness, only be surrounded for it.

I am the harbinger of Man's sin, for I watch the darkness every waking moment. Even in my sleep, the darkness is not free to do as it wishes. But I am writing this to tell you that I am so very weary.

To tell you that the darkness that I watched so long, the darkness that has become my only friend is begging to be set free onto the masses. So I beg you, turn off your lights and come join the darkness. He isn't so bad anymore, just don't look at him.

He doesn't like that...

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