We will start at the beginning. I woke up with a group of random people through out my life, like from past schools for instance my middle school crush. The next thing I knew everyone was running throughout what seemed to be my grandmother's house. We all must have seen some guy he seemed to be a suited man but with blood all over him. I saw him for a brief second with a knife cutting somebody's throat very slow-like looking very painful, what would you expect it is a knife after all. We then saw him leave a letter next to every victim.

Next thing I knew my crush and I were in my grandfather's room, she was on the bed in a white dress. I was just standing there talking with her, then somehow we started to get "physical"  then, the killer just came out of nowhere killed me and then It everything just came back to the group. Different people except the girl. We ran like usual, bodies were dropping one by one, the girl did not find a liking in me this time.

We were near the stairs talking about something, I forget what then I heard the letter man as we started to call him and we saw letters floating down like feathers covered in blood, so I ran into a room that was different from most rooms that I could remember from my grandmother's house, holding the lock like you would do when your parents were trying to get into your room, then knob just turned didn't even hear or see the lock turn, I thought the letter man had killed the girl but he couldn't have It did not take 1 second to kill her as slow as he does his killing he came after me the door opened, at the last seconds of this repeating torture I also figured out why he went after me and not my crush, the girl was controlling him it all came to mind that the girl was not interested in me this time so she could have sent him after me, then I died yet again.

This time I woke up in the same group with the girl again but half way through I just appeared back at my house in my regular life finding myself to be on the floor, somebody must have killed the girl making the letter man vanish. I went to the living room turned on the news and saw all my old friends from my past life have died during the week. I wondered how long I was gone never took much time on it though. I went over to the girls house she wasn't there so I just went home and started writing about my time with the letter man. Then I woke up.