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It was just the door, the darkness and I,

Waiting in anticipation of that last knock, knock, knock.

I know it’s coming.
The new morn has just started.
Twelve rings day.
I haven’t heard the screams.
Not yet, anyway.
The screams are good.
The screams mean there.
Right over there!
Their screams tell me.
Well, they tell me they’re elsewhere.

But there have been no screams.

So I wait, in anticipation of that last knock, knock, knock.

It wasn’t always like this.
I was happy before.
Before the change.
We were free before.
Before the Charge.
Before they won,
Before we lost.
No one waited before.
Before the march outside the door.
Back when we called this world ours.
Now they’re in Charge.
That’s the way of the lore.
We lost that ol’ war.

No peaceful nights anymore.

So we wait, in anticipation of that last knock, knock, knock.

I’ve never seen them.
No one has.
I’ve heard them.
Everyone has.
They march in the streets.
They march in the quiet.
They march in the dark.
Never a word.
Never a breath.
Always, time and time again.
It’s never their breath.
It’s ours.

It’s always of death.

A scream,

We scream, in anticipation of that last knock, knock, knock.

No one talks about them during the day.
We all think about them at night.
When the air is thick
Never in light.
I once wondered.
Every child, as I, wonders.
But not anymore, and never again.
The screams are too much.
The screams are too real.
The screams tell all.
The screams are all I feel.
I just want them gone, gone, and gone.

But this is the way it works.

The way the world is, in anticipation of that last knock, knock, knock.

I grapple with the chair.
I hold its leg in tight embrace.
The marching goes on.
My heart in a race.
I can hear it.
The silence.
The silence is their sound.
The sound of the march.
No owls, nor crickets, nor howl.
The last sound you hear.

Before the last sound you make.

As you wait, in anticipation of that last KNOCK, KNOCK, KNOCK!

I’m not sure if it’s my mind
I don’t know if it was real
I hope it wasn’t
I don’t know what I will find
I have to check
It’s the law
I have to open
Or can I just stay
Just leave the door shut
I must obey
But can I be brave
Check the damn door
I choose not to
They’ll bust it down
Dead either way
Defiance has no honor
Or is it honor all the same
They can’t make me I’ll make you
They’ll kill them all they’re already dead

The voices in my head

They argue, in debate of the last knock, knock, knock.

Sanity be damned
It’s gone on long enough.
I’ll make a stand.
For every man.

I will not open that door.
Let them come get me.
So I wait, ready to die.

Ready to scream

After the last knock, knock, knock.

Credited to  
Ryan Brennaman

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