There are people who keep in the shadows and whisper ideas into the ears of unknowing citizens, and these ideas turn into what we call rumors. But sometimes these ideas turn into something more than just rumors. The rumors turn into reality.

My Story


The Lakemen rumor goes accordingly:

Every Friday of April, people who live near lakes say that they see these creatures that have a body of a frog and the head of a man. They crawl out of the lake with their eyes twinkling in the moonlight. That's how the people can see them, their eyes are reflective, like cats. People never get close enough to decipher any specific features other than the head, eyes, and body. The Lakemen don't make noise, they're completely silent, making it even harder to notice them but still people do. Once, a man said that he got real close to one and touched it, but most think he was just boasting.

I am one who contributed to the rumor, I brought an addition to the rumor to make it even more real.

I was a little bit interested in the story, so one Friday in April, I decided to try to look for one. Being stupid, I went without my friends. It was 12:00 in the morning and I was beginning to lose faith in this area, until, out of the corner of my eye I spotted a flash of light. At this moment, I got very excited and turned my head to see what it was and there two feet before me was—then I blacked out.

When I woke up, I was in a damp cave. My eyes were still a blur and I could barely stay awake. A man in a white lab coat walked up to me and whispered these words:

"We can take a few rumors here and there maybe a faraway sighting, but you're too much. When you wake up relay these words in your mind:"

"You are not real, never were real you are not abnormal, you are the what pure are. The things you see are fake, forget them, forget them, completely forget them."

At that moment I blacked out once more.

Then everything was fine. I just woke up and I feel different, I feel as if my body has changed into something, but not something bad, something greater. That mixed two important things together. I can't figure out what the two things are, but I do feel a lot more slimy and smaller then I was before. I feel like... Umm wait, what am I talking about? Whatever, I need to think more important things.

For instance, where I would catch my next meal of bugs.