Abasi stood, looking down at the corpse below him. The corpse had a large blade wound in its chest. The blood from the same corpse dripped of the sharp edge of Abasi’s sword.

There were other corpses in the room too, many killed by his sword. He looked up to see his friend, Xehn, trudging towards him, kicking lifeless bodies out of his way.

“Why the long face my friend?” Xehn grinned, his pearly white teeth standing out against his bushy, black beard.

“We’ve won! Victory is ours, many men we have killed today, yes?” Abasi sighed, slumping his shoulders.

“Exactly Xehn, all men with hopes and dreams, now dead... DEAD!”

Xehn put an arm around Abasi’s shoulder, to comfort him. “These men chose their fate. By joining the Black Claws, they asked for us to kill them. Now, to get what we have come for.” The vault door was covered in dust, covering the ancient runes and symbols. Abasi took the key stone and inserted it into the center slot, the door turned as the key did, and the vault was open.

The floor was like a golden river and there were piles of riches and valuables everywhere. The noise of the jewelry being crushed under their sandals could be heard as Abasi and Xehn walked across the room. Abasi stood back and watched as Xehn reached out for the crystal centerpiece of the throne that stood at the back of the vault.

“The eye of The Sand King,” Xehn exclaimed “The very stone that Reh’nu used to control the lost empire.” As Xehn reached out to grab it, Abasi noticed some sand falling from a crack in the ceiling.

It made a pile on the seat of the throne, but the sand wasn’t just piling up… it was forming something, a waist, legs, feet a torso, a head and arms… it was alive. The sand constantly moved about, making the body look as if it was made from some sort of liquid. One hand reached up and grabbed Xehn’s wrist, the other reaching for a crown on the floor by the throne. As soon as the Crown was on his head, the floor began to cave in. Xehn tried to run, but the creature wouldn’t let go. It kept its grip until they both disappeared underneath.

Abasi ran, he ran and didn’t stop. But despite his greatest efforts, he tripped and was dragged underneath the glistening chamber, and into the darkness…