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In any city or town, go to a supermarket. Go to any of the workers there and say the following words: "I wish to speak with 'The Keeper'."

If they fall, run away as fast as you can, don't look back and don't stop, for you have summoned Satan. If you don't run, you shall go insane and commit suicide.

If they don't fall, they will take you to the way back of the storage room, there will be a couch. Sit on the middle cushion or experience one thousand years of pain.

Wait for six minutes and then, in six seconds a thin old man will appear. He will give you six boxes and disappear, and you will then appear in your house. Quickly bury the five boxes and open the one you kept.

If there's a golden cat charm, keep it for money.

If there's a devil's pitchfork, burn it in your fireplace. For if you don't, you will be possessed and commit suicide and feel 666 years of pain.

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