In the Ancient times, more than 10,000 years ago, before the Greeks or the Egyptians, there were the Atlanteans. They were the first great power, lasting for more than a thousand years, before their great cities sunk into the depths, darkness consuming their great civilisation. Other nations flourished, and the Atlanteans were lost to history.

However more interestingly, the Atlanteans harboured a... darker secret. Their religion was centred around the worship and reverence of a race that have attained the collective name of 'Valeyra'. Immensely powerful entities, the Valeyra were revered as gods by the Atlanteans, the religion of which they were honoured was that of Kaosect. The temples erected in their name were spread far and wide through the Atlantean Empire.

Kaosect Sigil

The symbol used by the Kaosect varied depending on region, but this was the generallly accepted one.

However, the Valeyra turned on their worshippers, destroying the people that adored them. They razed their temples to the ground, destroying all survivors, and drowned their cities down into the ocean depths. Only after the deed had been done, that the Valeyra realised that like fools, they had been easily manipulated. They had massacred the people whom they held in the highest esteem.

Much sorrow was bred that day. The Valeyra retreated into their realm of Entl, and for there they have stayed since. However, there remain ways to summon them; to call them through the Gates of Entl; to gain their power.

But first, a word of warning. Failure to complete these rituals, and you will most likely pass into the void yourself.