Today I was nice.

I was nice when I smiled after I cleaned up the messes they left me while they mocked me. They should be thankful for my kindness today.

I was nice when they called me names and I didn’t pull their teeth out one by one with my trusted rust-colored pliers. My pliers sure do a wonderful job breaking the ivory-colored morsels into splinters out of the wretched accusing mouths of these creatures.

I was nice when they laughed at me and I didn’t cut the tongues out of their mouths, as I would watch the blood stream from their lips; and onto the sanguine darkened concrete floor, stained by those who came first.

I was nice when I didn’t break their scolding fingers backwards, distorting their small hands into maniacal claws; a fitting shape for the little monsters.

I was nice today when they stared and I didn’t tear their eyes from the sockets, listening to the pleading coos that escaped their mouth. Oh how I love those sounds! “Please don’t hurt me,” or, “Why are you doing this to me?”

You know why! They know why.

I was nice when I didn’t torture them, maul them, disembowel them, and let them die… slowly and painfully, wondering where they were and what happened to their parents.

I was nice when I didn’t show them the mutilated carcasses of what used to be their mom or dad. They always stare in awe, unable to look away at the maimed faces of the ones who were supposed to protect them, and the tears that stream down the faces are just so...delectable.

I was nice today, because tomorrow...tomorrow they’ll wish they were too.