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May 14th, 2011Edit

So, I've been unemployed for quite awhile now and it's really been getting me down. I graduated last year and at the start of my senior year I was fired from my summer job. However I digress, I was walking by a store called Mystic Antique and a weird man with a cowboy hat worked at the desk. Something drew me in, maybe it was just his gaze at me he gave me a frightening stare which made my mind worry, but I still decided to enter the store.

He sat on a chair, and when I walked in he laugh hysterically for at least a minute. I was worry he was mentally unstable, so I said, "A-are you okay sir?" He replied without hesitation, "Do I look okay, or sound okay?" I stared anywhere in the store but at him and said, "Nice place you have here." He again responded without hesitation nearly cutting off my compliment "Thanks." I shot him a displeased stare and he just sat back in chair and watched me carefully.

"You uh, got any employees?" He responded with, "Yeah. Me, myself, and I. Now do you want a job or what?" He stuck out his hand with a pen and an application. So I snatched it out of his grasp and filled it out with ease, and said, "Thank you for the chance to work her-" just like that he cut me off with a slight chuckle. "Working here? At this old dump? You shouldn't be celebrating boy." The man coughed and wheezed like he'd been smoking for years, he looked like he was in his early 80's.

Door closes.

May 30th, 2011Edit

Hello Journal again, so glad to find you. I uh, started last week and the job was amazing! I loved working their, it's easy money, all you do is sit their and wait for people to walk in and look around. Most people though don't exactly check out; they usually saw the manager and run or drop everything and point then run. The manager would just shrug it off and laugh around in his chair, then next customer that walked in acknowledged us and browsed through our vast majority of antiques.

She walked around and said, "This place is great! I love it!" Just then in the moment I looked towards her, I saw her face; but I got a good look this time. As our eyes met, I heard her laugh and she just looked into my eyes, like she was trying to find something. It was beautiful, an absolutely fantastic moment I never wanted it to end. Then the manager next to me shewed her off and she turned back to the antiques. I got up from my chair next to the manager, and chased after her, two steps in to my mission I was grabbed by the old man. Luckily his grasp was that of a toddler so I shook it off and walked forward, just when I was behind the wall she walked behind I heard wind disruption.

It was like something was thrown at me, but the manager couldn't have tried to kill me, or throw something at me could he? Well it appears he did, and it was a dart, what do you know it was on the bulls-eye on the dart board next to where my head was an instant ago. "Hey, what the hell are you doing?!" He then replied with, "Stopping you from making a mistake, if you work here you can't have friends that are customers! It's a rule and tradition!" "Fine, well I quit! There." He snapped back with, "You can't quit!" I replied smugly, "I can, and just did." It was then the girl I chased after bumped into me coming from the corner of the store she was at.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to bump into you like this. I really am sorry." I replied with a calm, "It's alright, so uh do you want to see a movie... or something... this... uh... weekend?" I lost any sense of coolness I had the start of my sentence with my stuttering at the end of it. She said, "Uhh... Yeah, Saturday good for you?" "Yeah, I'm free that night." I said with all the confidence in the world.

June 20th, 2011Edit

This date was the worst I've ever had, some odd coincidences happened. So you know how I quit from Mystic Antique right? Well, when me and my date got into the theater lobby I saw him sitting in his chair and staring. I jumped back and she giggled. So the movie she agreed to see was called When Silence Breaks had some dude in a blue mask and tentacles coming out of it chasing some prepubescent children and babysitters around with an axe... or a knife... I don't know I was too busy making small talk and having the best night of my life.

Then out of the corner of my eye when I turned to the enter/exit door, I saw the manager from the store and he was gazing deep into my soul. My date turned and screamed saying, "Do you see that skeleton?! Wow---" Her words faded into blankness as I saw the old mans jaw open and his mouth made the motion of the words "You can't quit, I wont allow it" I was immediately shocked and in horror, however then on the screen of the movie the dude in the blue mask said "Fear?! Why do you fear me?!" Then like in all horror movies, slayed his prey.

After the movie me and my date walked out and into the parking lot and got to my car I had recently got before I started at Mystic Antique. I stopped her and she said, "Thanks, really fun tonight. Though how did you get the skeleton in the seat behind us to stare at you like that and move." I responded with a laugh and said, "He's old, but not that old." She said, "Huh?" I looked at her expression this time and she wasn't joking around. "I really want to know now 'Mr. secrets' you know what I'm talking about." I said with as much desperation as I could muster.

"There was a man there, he was old, early 80's at least. I didn't see a skeleton." "Is that why you were scared?" she responded. "No, I'm being dead serious! I don't know what skeleton you're talking about." She looks scared with rising fear into my eyes and said, "No! You had him in your shop! Stop lying to me." she said and started hitting me with her handbag at hand and ran. As she ran she yelled "Stay away from me!"

December 1st, 2011Edit


Phillip Jackson.

1991 - 2011

This is his friend, John. I'm sad to say this will be the last entry in his little journal, Sorry to anybody who had to see this who was close to him. Goodbye.

May 14th, 2012 Edit

I saw somebody today, they came into my store and starting complimenting, a kid no older then nineteen. Just a high school graduate. I laughed when he came in, and gave him an application and pen, poor kid signed on the dotted line I pulled up a chair and invited him to sit. Then two weeks in to him working here he saw 'The Widow' I had to get involved, stupid kid dodged my dart...

The End.

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