Somewhere, in the deep-deep consciousness, we call REM sleep, there is in fact a little control center of dreams.

It is just like they portray in the cartoons.

There are hundreds of little you's, running around making sure everything is perfect in condition: your snore rate, the dream you're having, the intensity, even how much you remember and how much you snore or talk in your sleep. These little you's represent the multiple layouts of your colorful brain personalities, should you have one. There is a humorous mini-you, a boring mini-you, an ego and an animalistic you, doing their thing in your sleep.

And guess what? You are the chairman of these dreams! A logical, reasonable fellow who most likely sports an official-looking coat and a well-groomed mustache. He or she accounts for everything that happens in your restful sleep.

But there is one thing Chairman of the Dreams refuses to acknowledge. Or rather, fears to address out loud, lest your dreams quickly turn into a nightmare.

In the back of one of the conference rooms, there is a silhouetted version of you, who looks just like you. It is all tied up, bound and gagged with chains, barbed wire and rope. It sits as still as the floor, yet violently struggles with a company of raunchous shrieks when approached.

The other you's like to avoid It. And for good reason.

You can see it in ITS eyes.

IT knows your fear.

IT knows it can't be held forever.

IT lies within everyone.

Unified. Maddening. Relentless.

And when it finally opens ITS mouth-

Our true nature will be revealed.