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The Illuminati is real. I have had a terrifying experience with them and I SWEAR all of this is real. Have you heard of the Illuminati? A group that supposedly run everything, and work for Satan? Well I didn't think it was real either.

Do you want to know what happened? All right I'll tell you. So the other day i was browsing some Youtube videos when I came across one called "Illuminati secrets revealed?" I clicked on it for no specific reason. The guy in the video seemed nervous and on edge. He informed the viewers that he could not show his face. He kind of rambled on about they install microchips in your keyboard that lets them know if you say anything negative about the Illuminati.

I was going to click away, but then he said, "They harass me in my day to day life."

I became suspicious, why would he lie about that? okay so maybe to get attention, but I thought he was on to something. I was going to watch more, but then for no reason the video went static.

It said, "Sorry this video is no longer available."

But my internet seemed to be working fine. all the other you tube videos worked. but every time I watched that specific video, right at the part where he discussed his harassment the video would cut. I checked the comments to see if anyone else had this problem. And it seemed that EVERYONE did. I checked the uploader's discussion page, and everyone was asking why no videos had been uploaded. He suddenly stopped uploading videos. I was beginning to get scared.

I kept checking his channel for the next month, and there was nothing.

I was also noticing little things out of the ordinary. like people staring at me when I left my house. I would see a random person everyday when I left for work staring at me. When I looked at them I expected them to look away, but they didn't. they kept on staring like I didn't even notice. Also on in my Yahoo mail box there was a message from no one. The massage had no sender name no subject just a message. It said, "You have upset the eye. And now the eye watches."

That was the moment I felt VERY creeped out.

Instead of ignoring it and stopping with the Illuminati business I dug into it. I asked people on forums. And no one seemed willing to help. Until one user posted to me, "Destructobot76, come meet me at the Hall's Country Diner tomorrow. sit at booth 4, I can help. DO NOT REPLY you will put us both in danger if you do." I looked at this guy's name. Dedtruth001 it seemed suspicious. But I decided it would be okay at a diner, with lots of people around.

The next day I carried a pocket knife with me just in case. I sat at booth 4 and waited. I waited for hours until i noticed a post-it note under the salt shaker. "You were too late. The eye has seen him, and the eye was displeased." I just stared at the note. I got up and I quickly left the diner. as I was leaving I noticed some blood spots leading to the dumpster. I hesitated, not sure if I wanted to follow them. I decided to take a look anyway. I walked to the dumpster an carefully lifted the lid. Inside was my worst fear, a body of a middle aged man with multiple stab wounds in his face throat and eyes. In Fact one eye was missing.

I found a Post-it note on him. I picked it up and it read, "He tried to take our eye away from the world. So we took his from his body. You are being too nosy, stop while you still have the choice." The handwriting was perfect, as if it was typed. But no, I could see that it was ink.

I decided once and for all to just leave this be. I was not going to get in it any further.

except someone else did.

Someone else posted on my thread that they would help me. I became fearful, they were going to think I'm still digging. I was going to delete thread when my PC blue screened. It wouldn't turn on again. I started panicking. I walked over to my front door and noticed that wood was broken and splintered by the lock. it had been forced open. Someone had been in my house.

Or they still were.

I heard a creak behind me and spun quickly I was met quickly with a stringy bag. the bag flew over my head and something hard and unforgiving cracked against my skull, and I went out.

I woke up to find that I was in the middle of a deserted street, with nothing around. I also couldn't seem to open my right eye. That was until I realized that i couldn't open my right eye because it was gone. I screamed louder than I ever had before. I looked around wildly with my left eye. and I found another one of those damned post-it notes.

"The eye was displeased with you, he wanted you eye, so we took it. You are a lesson to others. DO NOT BECOME INVOLVED WITH US AGAIN OR WE WILL END YOU."

I immediately ran to another street to see if I could orient myself. I was on the other side of town. I took a bus home and bought sunglasses to cover my missing eye.

I wondered how no pain came from it.

When I arrived to where my house should have been nothing was there. I asked my neighbor what happened she for some reason didn't recognize me. She said the house burned down a week ago. and that the occupant died in the fire.

I thanked her then ran to the nearby woods to throw up. Everyone thought I was dead.

I've been gone for a week.

That was when the pain in my eye socket started, it throbbed like hell and i thought my brain was going to implode. I ran to a nearby hospital, which took about twenty minutes. I rushed into the ER and was taken in to be looked at. The doctor who seemed to be from London or somewhere in Europe told me to remove the sunglasses which I did. When he saw my eye he grimaced and whispered, "bloody hell what's happened to this one?"

he asked me how it happened and I lied and said I was jumped by a gang of delinquents. he stared at me and said, "Musta been a professional buncha kids, because this is one clean job." he told me I would be staying in the hospital for a while until they could preform surgery on my socket.

I realized I couldn't pay for it since I was "dead". when the doctor was gone, I snuck out with a pocket full of painkillers. I took a couple and went to find a computer. I found a library and they let me use one. I sat at the home screen not sure what to do. I did the first thing i though of. Informing you people out there to NOT become involved with them. I AM ON THE RUN, AND I ADVISE YOU TO STAY AWAY FROM THESE PEOPLE, THEY ARE AN EVIL DEVIL WORSHIPING CULT. I'm going to have to end it here and post it. Please do not try to become a part of

wait hang on there is some dude trying to talk to me, oh no, he's walking toward me kind of aggressively. SHIT SHIT ITS HIM IT HAS TO BE HIM, PLEASE ANYONE OUT THERE TRY TO FIND ME MY NAME IS ROBERT ROSS, OH GOD THE ILLUMINATI ARE REAL. THE ARE GOI

Yes we are. And the eye is very displeased with you.

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